Revil Kost: Very well, I suppose an introduction is in order. I am Revil Kost, priest of the Light and seeker of lost artifacts. I’ve dealt with the Dark Riders before, and have returned to rid this place of them. The Riders are elusive, but I may have a clue to their whereabouts. In our previous confrontation, I was able to see a glimpse into their past. Granted blessed vision by the Cloak of Purity. I saw the Dark Riders for who they were before.

Come with me to Ariden’s Camp. I will explain on the way.

Following the Curse


Quest Objectives

Escort Revil Kost from Manor Mismantle in Duskwood to Ariden’s Camp in Deadwind Pass.



Location: Manor Mistmantle

Revil Kost: It seems you’ve been followed, warlock! Dark Riders!

Following the Curse


Dark Rider: None will be spared!

Revil Kost: The battle is won, but there will be more. Quickly, to Ariden’s Camp! The Dark Riders were not always like this. They were once a traveling group of merchants.

Discovered: Beggar’s Haunt


Revil Kost: Unfortunately, they crossed the sorcerer Medivh, and have been cursed to hunt artifacts for him for eternity. Look out, behind you!

Dark Rider: We will take what is ours!



Revil Kost: Your skill in combat is impressive. We may yet survive this. Quickly! We don’t have time to linger!


Discovered: Deadman’s Crossing


Revil Kost: His camp is still in Deadwind Pass, strangely untouched after all these years. If my convictions are correct, the key to finding the Dark Riders, as well as the artifacts they still covet, can be found there. Riders on our flank! On your guard!



Dark Rider: The artifact calls to us!

Revil Kost: Let us press on. We are nearly there. Here! The camp is in this clearing. Let us search it and see what we can find.



Revil Kost: It’s strange that the Dark Riders haven’t followed us here, but I will take whatever boon I can get. I believe the key to finding the Dark Riders is here somewhere. Let us begin our search.

Lore Reference

Revil Kost hails from the pages of World of Warcraft: The Dark Riders graphic novel. Learn more at Wowpedia, but debuted in the last issue of the DC Comics World of Warcraft comic book.



Following the Curse


1. The Sixth8. The Fate of Deadwind
2. The New Blood9. The Dark Riders
3. The Tome of Blighted Implements10. The Power Posessed
4. Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester11. The Heart of the Dreadscar
5. Following the Curse12. Power Overwhelming
6. Disturbing the Past13. Rebuilding the Council
7. To Point the Way14. The Path of the Dreadscar
Class Artifacts Questlines


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