After the Burning of Teldrassil, the Night Elves and the Gilneans took ships and a portal to Stormwind to seek refuge, as previously shown in my video.

However, they can’t always stay in Stormwind. Recently, I posted where I personally think the new Darnassus city should be built at.

Now I will address what the Gilneans most likely are doing chronologically after their arrival to Stormwind, and after Battle for Lordaeron. This is not entirely a speculation, as it is based on text that came up in one of the Follower Table’s missions.


“The undead have holed themselves up in Shadowfang Keep, and are developing a new bio-weapon to unleash against Gilneas. Eliminate their chief plaguebringer.”

This is very revealing. What this mission is saying is that Chief Plaguebringer Harris is contemporaneously developing a bio-weapon to attack a rebuilt Gilneas city. How exactly did they cleanse the plague? The City of Gilneas was plagued shortly after the Cataclysm, during the Royal Apothecary Society assault upon the Gilneans.

How is it possible for Chief Plaguebringer Harris to be planning an attack on Gilneas, unless Gilneas has been rebuilt behind-the-scenes after the Battle for Lordaeron.


One might think that’s some kind of mistake. That it is an old Cataclysm-era mission. Well, there were no Follower Table missions back in Cataclysm, and this second mission (shown below) pretty much confirms there is a new settlement in Gilneas.



“Untold numbers of undead are raised in The Sludge Fields and marched against Gilneas. Send an assault to crush Warden Stillwater’s seat of power.”

If throughout Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard plans to make some level-120-exclusive updates in 8.2 or 8.3, it would make sense if the Gilneans push the Forsaken away from Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest; and claim it as Gilnean territory. That doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

There is heavy battle going on in the Follower Table’s missions, including Fenris Isle. As of Legion, Fenris Isle was still occupied by Hillsbrad Refugees. The Horde quests lead to cleansing some of them from Fenris Isle.


In Battle for Azeroth, according to the Follower Table’s mission “Lordamere Lake” it is currently inhabited by Gilneans.


“The Bloodfang Pack controls Fenris Isle. Create a distraction along the Misty Shore to lure them out of position, allowing horde refugees to escape Tirisfal across the water.”

The targets in this Horde Follower Table’s mission is Ivar Bloodfang (a gilnean worgen) and Darnassian Sentinels. This confirms the Gilnean now control Gilneas and most of Silverpine Forest, by the time Battle for Lordaeron took place. Those horde refugees trying to escape Tirisfal are fleeing the attack on Ruins of Lordaeron.

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