The Night Elves were stroke a powerful blow to their pride, by Sylvanas and her Azerite-powered munition, by losing their new home. Teldrassil rests now as a massive pyre, painting the skies red and dark purple, and eclipsing the sky and the sunlight. Darkshore indeed.


Stripped from their home, once more, the Night Elves have taken refuge in Stormwind. The streets are overflowed with scattered groups of night elves and gilneans.


We have known of the fate of Teldrassil since BlizzCon 2017, when Alex Afrasiabi revealed the now-classic image of Sylvanas standing in defiance and victory as Teldrassil burned in flames.


Alex said: “Think about this: the stage is set for an Alliance-controlled Eastern Kingdoms, and a Horde-controlled Kalimdor with one great big sea separating the two continents — which leads us to our search for allies.”

However, what none of the Blizzard Entertainment developers have said throughout BlizzCon 2017 and half of 2018 is whether the Night Elves will reside permanently as refugees of Stormwind, or whether they would build a new home in the Eastern Kingdoms.

There is no magical solution to turn off the azerite flames of Teldrassil, as the druids did with Mount Hyjal during the Twilight’s Hammer and Ragnaros assault; and there is no going back to Darnassus.

On the other hand, Stormwind perfectly knows what it is to find shelter at an ally’s home, but even they eventually returned home to rebuild. The same can’t be true for the Night Elves and the Gilneans.

Darnassus is gone for good, burned to a crisp in perpetual flames, and Gilneas was plagued by the Forsaken’s Royal Apothecary Society.

So it is a good reasoning that if Alex referred to this new reality as a Alliance-controlled Eastern Kingdoms, that the Night Elves and the Gilneans might eventually move on to build their new homes while sheltered in Stormwind.

So how would that look like? Will we see them building their new homes in stages, every few weeks or months; or will Blizzard flip a magical switch and out of the blue we will see a finished city in a future patch?

I don’t know the answer to that, but I can take a few educated guesses where the Night Elves might be able to build a new city to call home.

Being creatures that live around nature and nurture nature itself, it is a given that now that the Nightmare has been quelled from the Emerald Dream, and that the Silithus: Wound has affected the entire world, the Night Elves might find it necessary to heal the world as best they can while also assisting the Alliance in their efforts to defend from Horde assaults, as well as be at the forefront of Alliance incursions into Horde territory.

There is only one plausible candidate location in Eastern Kingdoms for the Night Elves to build a new city. Although Twilight Grove is near Stormwind, and it gives the Night Elves access to the Emerald Dream, if you take a look at the physical dimensions of its estate — it simply is too small to fit a city.


The only way the Night Elves could build a city there is if they used their druid magic to overgrow the tree skybound to make Teldrassil 2.0, and then build the Darnassus city 2.0 at the top.

However, seeing how easy Sylvanas’ forces set Teldrassil ablaze, it doesn’t feel right to make the same mistake. So let’s scratch Duskwood as potential home for the Night Elves for the time being.

The real candidate here is Seradane in The Hinterlands. Seradane is very spacious, and its elven ruins pretty much confirms that Seradane was formerly a city of sorts. Scrap the ruins, and rebuild a new majestic city. If you go there right now, it is completely empty.


Is the land estate big enough for something as big as a Darnassus city 2.0? Probably not, but then again… that’s not the only space available for buildings… just above in the mountainside circling Seradane is a massive land space where more buildings can be built upon as an annex to the Darnassus 2.0.


We now know that the Seradane tree portal leads to the spot that used to be the Emerald Nightmare raid dungeon, and that is connected to Val’sharah’s The Dreamgrove as well. Plenty of room to build. Access to locations around the world. A good place to heal the world from. On the west, the Wildhammer can offer some protection from aerial assaults.

In addition, the Void Elves could reclaim Quel’danil Lodge.

The Hinterlands could be a good foothold for the Alliance in the Lordaeron portion of the Eastern Kingdoms. Especially, if one day the next step is to assault Quel’Thalas to push the Blood Elves out of the continent.

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