The recent Battle for Azeroth patch introduced the Darnassian and Gilnean refugees who survived the Burning of Teldrassil. A whole lot of them. Some are near the Stormwind Embassy, while the majority are at the docks.


The Teldrassil ship has been replaced by a Kul Tiran ship that takes you to Boralus. At that spot you can also find a portal to Darkshore where you can behold Teldrassil in flames. You can no longer fly to where Teldrassil was. A barrier impedes your approach. It is now a background animation like the surroundings of Argus, basically.

At the very southern border of Darkshore, you can find in the map a text bubble that indicates the location of Zidormi, the bronze dragon. She will be able to switch you between the old Teldrassil and the present Teldrassil.

The elephant in the room here is… where will the Night Elves and the Worgen be relocated to in the Eastern Kingdoms? They can’t be forever refugees in Stormwind. Is that going to be addressed in 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 — or in between (8.2.5, etc.)?

Will there be a Night Elf city like Darnassus built in Seradane (Hinterlands), or Twilight Grove (Duskwood)? That’s the kind of question that crosses my mind, as a fan.

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