Patch 6.2. First Look: Ashran Excavation

Welcome back to this screenshot tour of the new areas in patch 6.2. on the PTR. Today we’ll be looking at the strangely unmentioned by the patch notes new world PVP area: Ashran Excavation.

Stormshield Excavation (as you can see, gameplay appears to be an open world version of Silvershard Mines’ playload race):


This needs to be an engineering mount, ASAP:


Warspear Excavation:


The Breach:


Holinka’s Hideout:


Rukmaz’ Vault (possibly a world boss?):


The Artifact the Alliance and Horde are searching for has been found! Now why would the Apexis arakkoa have a “Lost Titan Artifact” though, I wonder?


Last but not least, new portal areas have been added to Stormshield and Warspear. Currently they have portals to Stormwind and Thunderbluff, respectively. Considering their other SW and TB portals are still present, I think these are meant to be portals to Lion’s Watch and Vol’mar, the garrison outposts in Tanaan:


Ian Bates

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