A 2GB patch was issued for the Warcraft III: Reforged Beta. One of the features introduced is the Collections Tab with georgeous avatars. Read the patch notes after the gallery.

The video I recorded shows the options settings and the Collections Tab — including hovering over each avatar to learn how to obtain it as a reward. Press the SPACE bar to pause the video if you wish to read the text. Click the YouTube Title to watch fullscreen mode. Click the gear icon (at YouTube) to select 1080HD.

Pete Stilwell: Howdy Friends,

We hope everyone that didn’t have weekend plans will join us – especially Mac players – to test this update. Release is on the horizon, and we appreciate your contributions to the process. Go team.


  • Performance optimizations and stability improvements for menus and gameplay
  • Locale fonts updated


  • All locales have functioning voice over and portrait animations again
  • Classic camera restored
    • Dev Note: The camera position moved by ~10% when we started drawing the game fullscreen to support the new console UI – the original game stopped drawing where it met the original UI. We’re working on adjustments to the washed out team colors making Wisps or similar elements with transparency faint in classic.

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