The Revendreth Quests tell the story of the Venthyr, and how Sire Denathrius is conspiring to redirect the anima energies of not only Revendreth, but the entire Shadowlands, toward The Maw.

A new Quest Log feature in the Shadowlands expansion tells the story progression of each chapter.


Upon arriving in Revendreth you were greeted by the Lord Chamberlain with a request for you to accompany him directly to Sire Denathrius.

While riding in a carriage you and the Lord Chamberlain were ambushed by rebel stoneborn led by General Draven.

You proceeded to rescue the Lord Chamberlain from the clutches of devourers, monsters from beyond the Shadowlands who seek to consume all anima. Their presence is a sign of the end times, according to local dredgers. You also met an enigmatic venthyr duelist named Nadjia the Mistblade who was quite taken with your battle prowess and lively attitude.

After escaping the clutches of the Endmire, you and the Lord Chamberlain made your way to the hamlet of Darkhaven.

The anima drought has crippled the local venthyr of Darkhaven leaving them vulnerable to attack by rebels and devourers. They asked for you to convey their plight to the Master.

Sire Denathrius has dispatched you and the Lord Chamberlain to secure the Halls of Atonement from the defiant forces of the Accuser.

Empowered by a Harvester’s Medallion, the Accuser is undefeatable by conventional means. The Lord Chamberlain has asked for you to seek out the sinstone of the Accuser so that he might use it to bypass her defenses.

Broken by the weight of her past, the Accuser falls to the combined force of you and the Lord Chamberlain. The Master has asked for you to bring her to the Forest Ward where she can be properly condemned.

By edict of Sire Denathrius, the Accuser stands condemned to a hunt by you and the Fearstalker. This ancient practice is used to torment souls who must confront their past sins through fear.

While hunting, you and your fellow hunters were ambushed by the Accuser. After slaying your escort, she gifted you the ability to move through shadows so that you might see the truth of the rebellion.

The Accuser revealed to you a secret passage that leads deep into the bowels of Castle Nathria where you discovered that Sire Denathrius has been the one behind the anima drought plaguing the Shadowlands.

The Fearstalker was defeated by your hand, her Medallion of Dread now in the hands of the Accuser. The rebels worry it will not be enough, and they have asked you to infiltrate the Ember Ward in search of the last person to see their former leader, Prince Renathal.

After forging your way into the Ember Ward, a deranged ash ghoul named Lost Sybille led you to the venthyr you were told to find: Theotar, the Mad Duke.

Theotar was captured along with Prince Renathal during a failed revolt prior to your arrival in Revendreth. The last Theotar saw of the Prince, he was being taken to the ruined tower of Sinfall. The two of you made your way across the Light scorched wasteland to secure this ancient tower.

While searching Sinfall you discovered a talking sword named Vorpalia who informed you that Prince Renathal was tossed into the Maw. You, being a Maw Walker, represent her only opportunity to save her beloved Prince.

Thanks to Vorpalia, you were able to find and rescue Prince Renathal from the clutches of the Jailer’s minions. However, before you could leave, the Prince needed you to join him in another rescue mission to Torghast, the Tower of the Damned.

Working your way through the labyrinth of cells and horrors within Torghast, you were able to find and rescue the Curator and her allies. Through the use of an ancient spell, the Curator was able to teleport all of you back to Sinfall, but with the caveat that once that spell was used it would never work again.

Upon returning to Sinfall, you were met by the combined forces of the Accuser, General Draven, and the many allies you have gathered in your travels through Revendreth. With this newfound force, Prince Renathal has proposed a daring plan: an assault on the anima stores of the Master.


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1. A Plea to Revendreth
2. The Sinstone
3. Invitation of the Master
4. Bottom Feeders
5. The Greatest Duelist
6. The Endmire
7. On the Road Again
8. Rebels on the Road
9. Anima Attrition
10. Not My Job
11. It's a Dirty Job
12. Dredger Duty
13. We're Gonna Need a Bigger Dredger
14. Running A Muck
15. Words Have Power
16. To Darkhaven
17. The Stoneborn
18. A Plea to the Harvesters
19. The Master Awaits
20. The Authority of Revendreth
21. I Don't Get My Hands Dirty
22. The Accuser's Sinstone
23. Inquisitor Stelia's Sinstone
24. Temel, The Sin Herald
25. Herald Their Demise
26. Herald Their Demise Bonus Objectives
27. Inquisitor Vilhelm's Sinstone
28. It Used to Be Quiet Here
29. Ending the Inquisitor
30. Sinstone Delivery
31. The Accuser's Secret
32. The Accuser's Fate
33. A Lesson in Humility
34. The Grove of Terror
35. Dread Priming
36. Beast Control
37. Alpha Bat
38. King of the Hill
39. Let the Sin Begin
40. The Penitent Hunt
41. Devour This
42. The Accuser
43. A Reflection of Truth
44. Dredhollow
45. Forgotten Village Bonus Objectives
46. Rebel Reinforcements
47. Hunting Trophies
48. Abel's Fate
49. The Night Market
50. A Very Special Guest
52. Breaking the Hopebreakers
53. They Won't Know What Hit Them
54. The Fearstalker
55. Where is Prince Renathal?
56. Sign Your Own Death Warrant
57. Chasing Madness
58. My Terrible Morning
59. Theotar's Mission
60. Unbearable Light
61. Lost in the Desiccation
62. Tubbins's Tea
63. An Uneventful Stroll
64. Into the Light
65. Securing Sinfall
66. In the Ruin of Rebellion
68. Torghast, Tower of the Damned
69. Refuge of Revendreth
70. Blinded By The Light
SIDE QUESTS: These are quests outside of the Revendreth core storyline achievement.
71. WANTED: Enforcer Kristof
72. WANTED: Summoner Marcelis
73. Reason for the Treason
74. A Curious Invitation
75. Bring Out Your Tithe
76. Summary Judgement
77. The Lay of the Land
78. Finders-Keepers, Sinners-Weepers
79. Active Ingredients
80. A Fine Vintage
81. Message for Matyas
82. Comfortably Numb
83. The Field of Honor
84. Offer of Freedom
85. It's a Trap
86. WANTED: Aggregate of Doom
87. An Unfortunate Situation
88. Foraging for Fragments
89. Moving Mirrors
90. Light Punishment
91. When Only Ash Remains
92. Escaping the Master
93. We Need More Power
94. Mirror Making, Not Breaking

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