I spent most of the end of 2016 and early 2017 playing Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch Season 3. I got three golden weapons so far in the latter. That means, I had not played World of Warcraft: Legion when it came out. I did play all classes in Technical Alpha and Beta, so I knew my way around.

I started a level 100 character, my main actually, on February 24th. As seen in the image below, I reached level 110 on February 26th. I am disabled, so let’s say I have a lot of time.


Not everyone has the amount of time I do, but you can do a lot in your spare time by focusing where it matters. I reached level 110 in about two days. On day one, I had completed all the quests in Azsuna, Val’sharah, Highmountain, and probably the first 20 quests in Stormheim before heading to sleep.

On the second day, I finished Stormheim and got to level 110. Then started the Suramar quests. There is a point where the Suramar quests get sorta gated, and you have to increase your reputation with the Nightfallen to unlock the next series of quests.

So at that point, I shifted my focus on doing world quests all across the Broken Isles. Kirin Tor world quest emissary also lets you gain 1500 reputation with the desired faction. Focusing on World Quests has a purpose: Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. You need this to fly later in Legion. Part one increases your Mount Speed in the meantime. As seen in the time stamp, it took me 16 days to complete the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement.


The Loremaster of Legion is completing all the quests in each Broken Isle zone. That takes some time because you need to have reached Exalted with the Nightfallen to complete the Suramar storyline.

A Glorious Campaign is obtained by completing all of the Campaign quests.

Variety is the Spice of Life is obtained by completing 100 World Quests.

Broken Isles Diplomat is obtained by reaching Revered reputation with all the Broken Isles factions.

It is now March 21, and I have done Heroic Emerald Dream, Heroic Trial of Valor, and killed Grand Magistrix Elisande in Normal Mode (in the Premade Group Finder). I have two Legendaries iLevel 940 from Mythic dungeons. Finding gear has been slow after ilevel 780, because most players are now over ilevel 910 and either decline to invite me to Premade Groups, or end up kicking low DPS/low geared after the first wipe; but I’ll get to my goal eventually.

If you have been away from World of Warcraft for a while, I hope this article inspires you to get onboard again. You most likely do not have as much time to spend as I do, but I have shown you how quick you can accomplish some of your goals in preparation for the upcoming Patch 7.2.

Focus on your Order Hall campaign quests, do World Quests, when those are finished for the day, focus Mythic dungeons. You don’t need higher Mythic dungeons to loot Legendaries, however.

I looted Prydaz yesterday from Eye of Azshara (Mythic 0) while doing a world quest. I got Liadrin’s Fury Unleashed from Black Rook Hold (Mythic+ 3).

With the most immediate goals already fulfilled, I am now ready for Patch 7.2, when Khadgar will send me to the Broken Shore once more.

Before that, I am currently focusing on gearing up and finishing some hardcore questlines. I am currently three quests away from finishing Kalec’s story — just 5 Nightshards away to complete Into the Nighthold. I am very likely finishing that part today after the server reset’s weekly maintenance. Kalec’s questline ends with Balance of Power which unlocks one of your Artifact Appearances. In my case the Burning Reprisal appearance for the Ashbringer. I completed last week the Hidden Corrupted Ashbringer appearance.

The one goal I am focusing on is the Soul Prism of the Illidari quest — which is part of the Order Hall Campaign. It is the most time consuming one at the moment because it is gated to only 10 Lingering Souls per week lockout. You need 80. So that’s a 8-weeks endevour. You gather these Lingering Souls from the last boss of Normal, Heroic, or Mythic dungeons.

I am positive that this questline is tied to unlocking some important quests later in Patch 7.2, because this is the questline to hold the soul of Illidan. From the recent Patch 7.2 preview shown by Blizzard Entertainment, Illidan and Khadgar play an important role in the next chapter of Legion.


So, it doesn’t matter what part in this long chain of events you are, you gotta gear up, finish the Order Hall campaign quests and chop-chop, get ready for Patch 7.2. If I could do all this in 24 days, you certainly can.

NOTE: It’s been 26 days since I started Legion at level 100, but I spent 2 days at PAX East with no access to the game.