Yesterday, I had the chance to play on an event server for the initial build of the the upcoming Shadowlands beta, featuring The Maw and the venthyr covenant. I’ve decided to split up the many pictures I took into multiple articles based on theme. Here are some random other updates to be found on the event build.

Oribos received a few cosmetic updates. There are now tons of broker camps surrounding the city, but they lack NPCs. Sometimes guards walk past and stare at the empty camps for a moment, then resume their patrol.

Other parts of Oribos have been fleshed out as well. There’s some fascinating dialogue with a new group of broker emissary NPCs that sheds light on what exactly is going on in Oribos.

Darion made a new friend!

The lowest portion of Oribos, beneath the inn, now serves as a quest hub. These seem to be a roundabout way of allowing you to earn rep from dungeons again!

Over in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, the thrones at Stormwind Keep and Grommash Hold are empty.

“Guild Recruiter” NPCs have been added to the embassies, but they don’t do anything at the moment.

The character creation screen has new animations that play for each class. Its hard to convey with just pictures, but when first selecting a class, the character will do several spell animations related to it. Some examples are warlocks summoning demons, monks rolling and using fists of fury, death knights casting raise ghoul, rogues using fan of knives and vanish, and druids shapeshifting to cat form (they should also shift to bear form in my opinion).

Also, while it doesn’t work for most races yet, you can now see a preview of your hair or skin color on the drop down menu as represented by a brush stroke.

One last character creation screen edition. As I mentioned in a previous article, hunter starting pets have been updated and there are some further changes in the event build:

1. The Maw2. Venthyr Covenant3. Odds and Ends4. Interview with Hazzikostas

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