Thunderfury is one of the oldest Legendary weapons since World of Warcraft vanilla (2004), and required a lot of effort by obtaining two pieces from Garr and Baron Geddon from the Molten Core (40-man raid). Once you gathered both ingredients, you could talk to Highlord Demitrian at the Crystal Vale in Silithus to later craft the Legendary weapon.

That was the past, and in the present, after defeating Argus the Unmaker in the Antorus raid, Sargeras plunged his sword into Azeroth wounding the world. The massive sword is impaled on Silithus, and it can be seen from as far as the outskirts of Thunder Bluff.

In this case, one would think — well, you can talk to Zidormi to switch between the level 110 Silithus: The Wound version to the pre-Legion level 60 version… to continue to turn in the old quest for the Thunderfury weapon. Right?


Well, something really really curious happened in PTR 7.3.5, folks. There is now a level 110 Highlord Demitrian in the Silithus: The Wound zone. If you go to the level 60 version via Zidormi, then Highlord Demitrian is level 62.


What’s the logic of adding Highlord Demitrian in the level 110 version when he could very well be exclusively in the level 60 version via Zidormi?


It might be nothing, but it does brings up a few questions from players like you and me. For example, will there be a level 110 Thunderfury version? If so, will there be a Timewalking: Molten Core, an Anniversary edition (like the Onyxia Anniversary edition), or a whole new Molten Core experience with new enemies and quests?

If you wish to debate, then let’s also add another question to the mix. Why is Warden Haro, Windcaller Yessendra, and Keyl Swiftclaw still level 60 in Silithus: The Wound, but Highlord Demitrian is level 110? Those three I mentioned are found at the outdoor entrance of Ahn’Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom (59,14). The image below shows these 3 NPCs are level 60 in the Silithus: The Wound (7.3.5) version.


Rhonormu (bronze dragon) is level 63 — at the Ahn’Qiraj gong (33,80). He only exists in 7.3.5. He is not there in the 7.3.2 (25549) live realm.


So it definitely makes you wonder what exactly is Blizzard Entertainment signaling here with a level 110 Highlord Demitrian. Why all other NPCs are level 60-63, but Highlord Demitrian is 110? How does a Thunderfury 2.0 weapon level 110+ fits with the Legion Shaman Class Order questline? How is a level 110 Thunderfury 2.0 possible when a resurrected Thunderaan now serves as the Lord of Skywall?


The entire Shaman Class Order’s Thunderaan questline can be found here: here (after going to the link destination page, click the Spoiler button to open the questline list in Boxofbeer’s post).