Myndflame is hosting a new video by AFK PLAYERS titled Major League Azeroth.  The color hues in this machinima are visually attractive, very asian style. The voices are chinese, but the team added English subtitles for eastern audiences.  The machinima video is 11 minutes long, and comes packed with some funny moments as the Alliance and the Horde play … baseball at the Gurubashi Stadium in Stranglethorn Vale.

It is surprising the level of control over units and camera, and special effects.  Specially the warp speed camera view from Stranglethorn Vale to Northrend toward Ulduar. During the commercial breaks we see an interview with Prospector Brann Bronzebeard showing off the Titans love hotel … Ulduar.  He wants to demonstrate the ultimate purpose of the enigmatic red button at Mimiron’s room to the reporter, but things don’t happen as expected.  Brann is portrayed here as an explorer and archeologist that doesn’t know squat of what he’s talking about. There is a pop culture reference to Knight Rider and David Hass—how-do-you-spell-it?—at the end of the machinima. Very funny!

You would like to see new projects from AFK PLAYERS in the future. For a larger video with zoom visit myndflame

The team behind the AFK Pl@yers never seems to disappoint. Even without
reading the subtitles you can tell that there’s some pretty funny stuff
going on in their videos. Luckily, John Hsu has been nice enough to have his
videos translated for us to share with our community! So here it is, AFK
Pl@yers newest Machinima, “Major League Azeroth” with English subs,
exclusively on!


TITLE:            Major League Azeroth
RELEASED:          APRIL 18, 2009
DURATION:          11 Minutes, 20 Seconds
CATEGORY:          Comedy

Description of the Movie:

A new machinima by Taiwanese production AFK PL@YERS.

It’s about a baseball match between The Alliance and The Horde in Gurubashi
Who will be the winner of the game? and what does it has to do with the
mysterious Ulduar?
The final round is about to begins.

AFK PL@YERS’s Official Blog:

Written and Directed by:
John Hsu
Outy Yang
Epla Hsieh

Voice Cast:
John Hsu as
          Jack Bigmouth
          Larry Benchwarmer
          Anthony Tallstrong
          Razor Dailyscream
          Vrykul Referee
          Undercity Apothecary
          Knome Rider Narration

Epla Hsieh as
          King Varian Wrynn
          Ally & Horde Crowds

iNdiGo   as   Brynn Bronzebeard

Grace Liang as Tourist Show Host


Permission to use video or screen captures from World of Warcraft is granted
by the terms expressed in the public Blizzard Machinima License. World of