After you complete the Guardians of the Dream Campaign, and the Amirdrassil tree trascends into the physical world, you can collect several Kaldorei Cosmetics located around Bel’ameth and other locations of the Amirdrassil isle.

Here is a list of videos where I find and collect the cosmetic items.

Blue Kaldorei Backpack
Blue Kaldorei Bedroll
Blue Kaldorei Pouch
Kaldorei Bow Carver
Kaldorei Sentinel's Spyglass
Night Elven Horn
Night Elven Signal
Night Elven Shield
Night Elven Spear
Violet Kaldorei Pouch

With the TomTom addon installed in your World of Warcraft Interface/Addons folder, enter the coordinates in a /macro to place a green dot marker in the map when you are within Bel’ameth (not the Emerald Dream version).

/way Amirdrassil 54.69 77.20 Blue Kaldorei Bedroll
/way Amirdrassil 52.54 17.72 Blue Kaldorei Backpack
/way Amirdrassil 58.43 51.87 Night Elven Horn
/way Amirdrassil 49.14 70.33 Night Elven Signal
/way Amirdrassil 31.30 16.12 Kaldorei Bow Carver
/way Amirdrassil 48.28 76.40 Violet Kaldorei Pouch
/way Amirdrassil 55.30 64.31 Blue Kaldorei Pouch
/way Amirdrassil 47.88 56.85 Night Elven Shield
/way Amirdrassil 53.46 55.73 Night Elven Spear
/way Amirdrassil 51.89 5.89 Kaldorei Sentinel’s Spyglass
/way Amirdrassil 29.04 28.83 Night Elven Bow