This article contains spoilers from the story dialogues and some of the questlines in Dragonflight 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal.


Kalecgos has seen a lot of growth throughout past expansions since Wrath of the Lich King. He had to come to terms with the fact his Aspect, Malygos, had gone insane with his quest to eradicate all arcane magic users. Kalec had to side with humans over his own Aspect and his own family — those who sided with Malygos.

Kalecgos then ascended as the new Aspect of Magic, but his scattered dragonflight was not as united as they once were. Some stayed in Northrend, others were stuck in the past attempting to heal their Winterspring home, others had their own adventures in human-guise, or enjoyed the comforts and sightings of Pandaria.

In Dragonflight, Kalecgos answered the call of the Dragon Isles, and together with his friend Khadgar advanced through The Azure Span to reclaim Malygos’ legacy: the Archives; as well as the Oathstone. With the help of Echo of Sindragosa, and after his experience among the Tuskarr, Kalecgos learned a life lesson and found the missing ingredient in his life. This inspired Kalecgos to unite the remaining Blue Dragonflight as a family once again under his guidance.

It was a very long storyline where we saw different phases of Kalecgos’ mindset, showing growth. The story was well executed.

In Patch 10.1, Kalecgos extended an invitation to all the scattered blue dragons that didn’t answer the call of the Dragon Isles, nor the call to retake the Azure Span.

That is one of the longest questlines in World of Warcraft, with nearly 50 quests.

Now with the Dragon Aspects finding new empowerment, not from the Titans, but from Azeroth’s World Soul itself, Kalecgos has resigned his role in the Council of Six to focus his time in the Azure Span archives and Valdrakken, on his family and Aspectral duties.

Not many players like that he resigned the Council of Six, nor find sense in this; but it does. Even in real life, there comes a time when you gotta focus on what matters, and take drastic decisions.

Kalecgos is still friends with Khadgar, and already accepted Khadgar’s request to search the Archives for info on what is to be elaborated in The War Within expansion.

If anything, more than ever, the blue dragonflight is stronger, and Dalaran can count on their support.

Kalecgos resigns the Council of Six


This was merely a short Stay a While and Listen dialogue. There was a sighting of Anduin in Kalimdor, and he is heading south. We already know that at this point, Anduin has heard the call of the World Soul — even though he doesn’t know who the call comes from. Heading south means that he is heading to Silithus, as shown in The War Within expansion teaser trailer. Mathias and Genn make the case that info of this sighting will be forwarded to Jaina — and that ties how Thrall arrived to Silithus via a portal. It is implied in this dialogue that later on Jaina is going to be in contact with Thrall, and she will somehow track the location of Anduin and send Thrall through a portal to talk to Anduin.

The dialogue between Mathias and Genn is still kinda too short and vague.

As a Horde player, I have absolutely no clue why Mathias and Genn are in Valdrakken and what the context is for their presence there. But it is still a good idea to see a tie-in with The War Within this early in the story. We are still expecting Patch 10.2.7 at some point in the next few months. Possibly by the Summer or earlier.

Mathias Shaw Stay a While and Listen


I have to rant a little bit about how Wrathion’s story was completely derailed by bad direction in World of Warcraft: Legion. We saw Wrathion grow throughout multiple expansions since Cataclysm. Then out of bonkers supports Garrosh and the entire Warlords of Draenor thing in order to prepare Azeroth to combat the looming threat of the Legion.

Then out of the blue (or should I say out of the black?), Wrathion disappeared from World of Warcraft: Legion giving no guidance on what his plan was after all those years of shenanigans to get Azeroth ready. This blame lands straight into the director’s feet. Wrathion was the perfect figure to lead Khadgar and both factions to victory during the Argus campaign. If the director behind such mistake was who I think it was, good riddance. As a paying customer since 2004, I have the right to be that petty. I don’t care who feels offended, even if [you] were not involved with the World of Warcraft: Legion decision to exclude Wrathion. You call it petty, I call it truth hurts.

Dragonflight: This expansion saw several shades of Wrathion’s mindset. He started arrogant, trying to claim the Seat of Neltharion all by himself from the grasp of the Djaradin, at all costs. Then, Sabellian arrived at a critical point when Wrathion was likely to be defeated. That new-found allegiance with Sabellian’s forces tipped the balance, but there was still some bickering and in-fighting with his brother.

By the time Wrathion and Sabellian worked together to delve into the Zaralek Caverns, we started to see some changes in their brotherly interactions. Not so much at the beginning of the Zaralek storyline where they were still at each other’s throats, but toward the end in the Raid questline, they start to come together, and to realize that their father’s legacy was an empty one leading to ruin. That questline videos can be found here in Chapter 6: A Flame, Extinguished.

I think the writer took fans by surprise when Wrathion nor Sabellian become the Dragon Aspect of the Black Dragonflight. Many wanted Wrathion to ascend to Aspecthood(?). I thought that would be the case.

I have to admit, the expansion’s Wrathion story was a well-executed story that saw growth and multiple changes. A bit slower than anticipated, but eventually to see Wrathion and Sabellian realize that their wiser brother befits becoming their Aspect, was so humbling to watch; that together they can build a new legacy for their dragonflight, putting the past to rest to look forward into the present and the future. That was very inspiring.

Sabellian is more a general leading his army into combat. Wrathion has more experience dealing with mortals from each faction. A natural diplomat and strategist. One can merely imagine what the new black dragonflight dynamic might be in future expansions.

Not many might agree with me, but this story was greatly executed in the Dragonflight expansion. It was worth the wait and time/work investment.

Wrathion Stay a While and Listen


New Classes or Allied Races are fun to play, but they rarely see growth beyond their expansion launch. I think the Death Knights were the only Class that ever saw some growth in questlines beyond Wrath of the Lich King. Not sure what the future holds for the Dracthyr in the next 3 expansions and beyond. This small dialogue doesn’t say much, but hopefully, the writers find ways to get the Dracthyr story to develop. I’m unsure if Emberthal and Ebyssian might actually become a couple — that would be a bit strange, but it would be interesting, and if it ever happens, that might secure Dracthyr stories in the future whenever Ebyssian is involved.

Emberthal Stay a While and Listen


Tyrande has seen a lot of growth in the past expansions. A bit grimmer since she took on the Wrath of Elune during the Darkshore storyline in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Then even crazier in Shadowlands. It took a lot of grinding to get into the Emerald Dream storyline. We saw Ysera return to Ardenweald in the last quest of the Guardians of the Dream Questline Chapter 7: New Beginnings — Andu-Falah-Dor. All videos of the Guardians of the Dream questline may be found here.

Make no mistake, it was nice to see Malfurion return. But we don’t know what Malfurion did in Ardenweald. He doesn’t have any dialogues or continuity quests that let us relive his experiences there. Worst of all, I don’t think we might ever know.

It seems the return of Ysera (though temporarily), and Malfurion disappearing from most of the Dragonflight expansion was merely a mechanic to have Merithra and Ysera together, and Ysera passing the mantle of Aspecthood to her daughter. That was nice and all, but this mechanic was way too repetitive. We saw the same with Wrathion and Sabellian passing that to Ebyssian. Again with Malfurion and Tyrande passing leadership to Shandris Feathermoon. Again, with Genn Greymane passing Queenship to Tessa Greymane.

I’m not sure if fans liked this expansion wrap-up, but hopefully, they enjoyed most of it. I have mixed reactions. Pros and Cons. I did like that cutscene of Shandris and Tyrande seeing Malfurion. Their hug. Both welcoming Shandris to family hug. That was inspiring.

Only problem is that we didn’t get a questline to tie-in after that cutscene. Malfurion, Tyrande, and Shandris appear in a gazebo south of Bel’ameth with no dialogue window, afterwards.

Malfurion and Tyrande do deserve their time together, but I’m not sure how long they will remain away from the questline leadership and focus in future expansions. We hadn’t seen Malfurion much since his stint in World of Warcraft: Legion — mostly as a lad-in-distress waiting to be rescued by Tyrande (lol).

On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how Shandris is portrayed moving forward in questlines where she takes the co-leading role of the expansion as the new leader of the Night Elves.

Something Missing

Something that kinda worries me about the growth of World of Warcraft in general is the inconsistency in certain NPCs or topics. Like someone forgets portions of the story need to remain in continuity. When was the last time that we saw Thrall’s children as babies?

I lost track. I played Shadowlands for a few months, then in July-August when the whole Activision Blizzard scandal exploded, I abandoned World of Warcraft for a year or longer.

I think the last memory I have of Thrall’s children is from the end of Mists of Pandaria. I think the babies or at least one of them was in the Level 1 Orc starting location in Durotar. I assume this was during the Vol’jin rebellion questline.

I mean, I remember Anduin as a child in 2004 and he kept that NPC model for a few years. I think we saw a new Anduin model around Mists of Pandaria as a teen. Then we have seen his NPC model change 2-3 times since then.

I would assume by now Thrall’s children should be in their teens by now, especially with the Shadowlands time-jump. They deserve some screen time in the expansions, whether it is just standing next to their parents, having some dialogues onscreen, or having a quest, or a short questline. Whatever we can get, as they are the seeds for future storylines, future passing-on of leadership as we saw with Tyrande and Shandris, Genn and Tessa, Ysera and Merithra just now.

By now, the couple of Quel’Thalas should have a baby in the way. Any hint that she’s pregnant? Let’s build the seeds of the future. Now. Let’s see the kids be teenagers. Be active somehow in the story today, so that in 3 expansions ahead they take some spotlight.

Where are Vereesa’s children in Dragonflight?

How about Calia figuring out a way to get Forsaken to be able to reproduce? Or to increase their ranks in a humane way, and a choice-inclusive. If you don’t want to remain risen as a Forsaken against your will, it is your choice.

Anyone want to see Baine and Mayla married and birth calves?

Heck, when is Jaina going to find love and have children? Doesn’t she deserve to be happy, more than many characters in WoW?

What’s next for Zappy Boy? Is he and the Zandalari Queen a thing?

Did Saurfang or even Garrosh have any children lingering around to come to the spotlight?

Alright, I get it. Dragonflight was all about the Dragonflights coming together as one and reclaiming their legacy. We still need to plant the seeds of the World of Warcraft future now with new characters and the offsprings to start to grow and be visible in-game like Anduin once did.

Reclamation of Gilneas

I have got to say it. It took a long time for the Return to Gilneas to happen. I think Genn lost Gilneas during a Cataclysm expansion questline. I mean… that expansion launched in 2010 (for crying outloud). Thirteen years IRL? Damn.

And all we get is literally … 13 quests to deliver the story of the Reclamation of Gilneas.

First of all, why did it have to be the Scarlet Crusade? Wasn’t that wrapped up a few expansions ago? Most of them even joined Tirion’s forces. Others who didn’t get wiped during one of the Allied Race questlines (that I am aware of).

What interest is there for the Scarlet Crusade to take Gilneas is beyond me, when it would make more sense for them to retake Lordaeron/Undercity from Calia; or retake Southshore or Stratholme. Heck, doesn’t even make sense that the Scarlet Crusade even still exists these many years of whacking their nests to extinction.

Better ideas for the Reclamation of Gilneas would have been to rid Gilneas of the Sylvanas loyalists. I mean, remember during Cataclysm how the Sylvanas loyalists within the Apothecary drove their plague catapults through Gilneas in the first place?

I mean, those plague catapults are still sitting there outside the gates of Gilneas as you complete the Reclamation of Gilneas questline. For real. Not even a content clean up. Why are those catapults still there, and why in the world it was the Scarlet Crusade instead of Sylvanas loyalist remnants.

It would have made huge sense for Genn to accept Calia’s assistance if their common goal was to eradicate those remaining Forsaken Apothecary and pre-Shadowlands Sylvanas loyalists who didn’t want to re-join Horde’s new council. I don’t think the fans will ever forgive that mishap.

It should have been an epic questline similar to how Varian went into Undercity in a scenario. There was no Reclamation of Gilneas scenario.

Why would Genn go all by his lone-self to reclaim Gilneas. Where was Turalyon’s unconditional support? Where was Tyrande’s unconditional support? Didn’t Genn help Tyrande in Darkshore with Anduin’s behind-the-scene blessing? But she can’t be bothered now with Amirdrassil saved to go help Genn retake Gilneas with the full might of the Night Elves and Turalyon’s forces?

The Reclamation of Gilneas should have been epic. Either a 25-part questline or the 13 quests + a large scenario. I would even have welcomed it in Patch 10.2.7 if it allowed the dev team time to put it together, instead of this rushed cluster of disappointment.

The Genn-Tess cutscene, though, that was great to watch. To see Genn come to terms with appreciating his daughter and letting her know how proud he is.

At the end of the Reclamation of Gilneas, there were some NPCs and vendors in the city.

However, after I left Gilneas and returned to Valdrakken — I just launched the game to check on Gilneas after I completed the Reclamation questline a few days ago. Gilneas City is empty now. No NPCs. I can still access the Mailbox. The only place I found NPCs at was in Greymane Manor. I could talk to a seneschal who has a dialogue. When you accept, she tells the other servants to vacate the Greymane Manor to give you space. The cathedral and adjacent frontyard is also empty. I don’t think this questline was thought out well, and it was half-done a job by the looks of no post-Reclamation of Gilneas update — an empty shell.

PS: Remove the darn Plague Catapults from the Gilneas entrance. It is outdated, and reminds us how awesome the Reclamation of Gilneas should have been driving Sylvanas loyalists out of Gilneas, but it didn’t happen.