After reaching level 80 in Azj-Kahet, I was able to solve a few of the puzzles surrounding the Delve content in The War Within expansion. You need at least 10 Radiant Chords. I don’t know where this reagent drops from yet. The developers give you 10 stacks of Radiant Chords at a time from the Expansion NPC in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. You can stack hundreds of them from that NPC for testing purposes.

There are a few components to acquire before entering an enhanced Bountiful Delve.

First, you need to locate the Radiant Echo of the Worldsoul. There is at least one per zone. The Azj-Kahet’s Radiant Echo is located at the Old Sacrificial Pit within the Nerub’ar city.

You can find this Radiant Echo in the map below:

To start the event, click the Worldsoul Memory to open a selection UI. There are 3 options. The Mythic version has a progress bar that needs to be fed.

In this specific vision of Azeroth’s past, you can see Old god tendrils coming from the ground, Nerubians, Faceless Ones, and other enemies. You really need to pull enemies out of the edges and out of the roads. Every minute or so, a rare elite spawns in some of the edges, or patrols the road. Easy to aggro while fighting normal mobs. When you kill a mob, they drop orbs that look identical to the Radiant Echo, but these are named Harmony orbs.

During the Mythic version of the Worldsoul Memory only, there is a Harmony progress bar that decreases. If that Harmony progress bar reaches 0%, you are kicked out of the Worldsoul Memory phase and waste your Radiant Chords. To feed the Harmony progress bar, kill enemies and walk through the Harmony orb to feed them to the progress bar. Feels a bit like the Vision of N’zoth event.

When you kill enemies during this Azeroth’s Memories phased event, you automatically loot a currency known as Valorstones: Earned from completing quests, raids, dungeons, battlegrounds, arena matches, and other activities at max level. Used to upgrade max-level gear. Total Maximum: 2,000.

These enemies also drop Coffer Key Shards, and this is what you need to open Blue Treasure Chests inside the high-tier Delves. Each enemy drops a random number between 2-4 Coffer Key Shards. You receive 50 x Coffer Key Shards for completing the Radiant Echo: Old Gods Forsaken event. You can repeat the event for as long as you have 10 x Radiant Chords to turn in.

I am going to assume that the purple Coffer Key Shards — actually, these are known as Treasure Trove Keys — drop from the Mythic bosses found during the Mythic version of the Worldsoul Memories. I couldn’t solo these bosses. They hit like a truck on plate, and have a lot of Hitpoints 13176K (millions of health). Probably should find other players to kill these Bosses.

With a few Keys in tow, I headed to the Delve that is highlighted in the map. Seems at least one of the 3 Delves is randomly chosen to be the Bountiful Delve. Though not working in Alpha, the tooltip will show you how many Restored Coffer Key or Treasure Trove Keys you have after clicking the Coffer Key Shards in your inventory. To find out how many keys you have, you can find them in the Currency tab within your Character window.

At level 80, you gain access to the Delve UI which reveals you can choose up to 11 Tiers. Each Level has a specific iLevel recommendation up to iLevel 613 at Tier 10 and Tier 11 is a Challenge mode. Enemies have more and more Health and Damage per Tier.

The War Within: How Bountiful Delves Work

The only way to show you how Bountiful Delves work is to let you watch the gameplay video to see all the tooltips and UI, and in-game mechanics. Some mobs have severe AOE damage abilities that need to be detected and reacted to quickly. At one point I got melted in less than 3 seconds. Death. To watch the video in 1440p select that in the gear icon at full screen at the following YouTube page.