The latest PTR 8.2 build introduced a new quest from Magni Bronzebeard. It has a placeholder that indicates a in-game cutscene will play. Not much to go on about what it entails, but the text confirms the dragonflights have returned and united to assist with the restoration of Azeroth after Sargeras’ sword wounded the world.


Magni: The work you have done to empower the Heart of Azeroth cannae be understated! With this power, we might just stand a chance o’ savin’ the world.

It’s been a long fight fer certain, and there will be more tae do. But fer now, we’ve got a little gift fer ye!

Let me know when yer ready, champion.


Speak to Magni.

(I’m ready to receive the gift of the dragonflights.)

Placeholder: Awesome In-Game Event!

Magni: It’s amazing isn’t it? Tae see the dragonflights united in support of the cause. Some of em battered and bruised, but still fighting.

Bear their gifts well, Champion of Azeroth.

Note: After the quest completes, Chromie, Kalecgos, and Merithra of the Dream Daughter of Ysera spawn permanently in the Chamber of the Heart.

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