The Mechanocat mount is obtained after a series of daily quests that start with Recycler Kerchunk.

The first daily quest is titled Shop Project, sending you to collect three items:

Once the daily quest is turned in, Recycler Kerchunk will ask you to come back tomorrow.

It is worth nothing that this first quest sends you to a Mechanocat Aficionado vendor named Cork Stuttguard to buy the Mechanobot Ignition.

The Blueprint: Mechanotiger Laser Pointer starts a quest. Costs 500 gold. The Chain Ignitercoil is a material used at the Pascal-K1N6 tinkering craftbot to build the Mechanocat Laser Pointer — which summons the mount. This item Costs 35,000 gold, and you need four to build the mount. So in reality, the mount costs 140,000 gold. The 2000 Spare Parts are looted from any mob in Mechagon Island, and the Energy Cells from Rare Elites.

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