During the 8.2 Content Preview livestream (read the Transcript), Jeremy Feasel said the following:

This an a variety of other out-world activities awaits you in Mechagon. Similar to Nazjatar, Mechagon will also be featuring a Timeless Isle-like rare spawn system.

When you see one of those stars show up in your mini-map, it will often be one that you don’t see very often.

Some of them have a longer respawn timers, some of them are very rare or have odd or different or secret ways to get them to spawn; and you know that when you see one of those stars on your mini-map, it always have something awesome on its drop table; or at least, you have the potential to getting something awesome… unless you already have that mount.

Well, Jeremy was not kidding. While exploring Bondo’s Yard, I stumbled upon a blueprint lying on the ground. I clicked it, and it was looted — starting a quest titled: “Blueprint: Beastbot Powerpack.”

I turned in this quest at Pascal-K1N6, and he uploaded the blueprint. Now I could craft a Beastbot Powerpack.

Problem is … this is a material item, and I had no clue what to do with it. The item costs 250 Spare Parts and 1 Energy Cell.

A player nodged me in the right direction what to use the Beastbot Powerpack for. A rare elite robot gorilla spawns sometimes at Bondo’s Yard. If you have this item in your inventory, you can interact with the Malfunctioning Beastbot.

The rare elite comes to life, and you can kill it. The loot table is unknown at the moment in the PTR. So far I looted Spare Parts x 18, Fractured Personality Module (trash), and Small Azerite Shard (100 Azerite), and reputation with the Rustbolt Resistance increased by 50.

The question is… since this item crafted at Pascal-K1N6 can be crafted over and over… will it also bring to life other random rare elites found throughout Mechagon Island? I have a feeling the answer is yes, but we will see.

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