In Mechagon Island, the Alliance and Horde come together to befriend the Rustbolt Resistance. Both, Tinkmaster Overspark and Gazlowe try to gain the trust of Prince Erazmin, but he is not having any in-fighting between both factions. You must earn the trust of his people by helping them repair various systems across Mechagon Island, and assist them in the assault to his father’s city to defeat him.

Prince Erazmin

Completing quests in Mechagon give you 75 Reputation. Mechagon was designed with various elements found in the Timeless Isle. For example, there are rare elite bosses that spawn at different times. Some will require a few steps to trigger the spawn of a rare elite, and there is supposed to be an Ordos type of boss.

As you kill mobs in Mechagon, you will loot different type of mechanical parts: Spare Parts, Energy Cell, Galvanic Oscillator, Chain Ignitecoil, Microcogs, and other ones. These drop from regular mobs, and from Rare Elites.

The video explores the Rustbolt town, and all its NPCs and vendors: such as the Quartermaster Stolen Royal Vendorbot and Pascal-K1N6.

Learn more about Mechagon in our transcript of the Patch 8.2 Content Preview livestream.

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