The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Alpha build 34902 introduced today the Shadowlands Intro questline.

Players start in Acherus, the floating necropolis of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Acherus is floating next to the aerial port of Icecrown Citadel — where players fought Saurfang’s son: Deathbringer’s Rise.

From there you take a portal to the Frozen Throne. The Alliance and the Horde have united once more to face this new threat after Sylvanas broke the Helm of Domination.

Bolvar Fordragon commands you to start a ritual that have you pull each broken piece of the Helm of Domination to specific runes on the ground around the circle.

The ritual opens a gateway on the ground the army stands on to teleport them into The Maw in the Shadowlands.

When we arrive, Baine and Anduin have already been captured by Sylvanas and the Jailer’s forces. Jaina is already in the Shadowlands.

Jaina Proudmoore guides us and gives us a brief intro to what is going on in the Shadowlands — which means she has been here some time ahead of us before we arrive to the Shadowlands.

In our brief time in The Maw, we have to free a few Ebone Blade death knights, and kill some of the Jailer’s forces.

Eventually, we find out that Helya is still around.

Darion uses his magic to force a minion of the Jailer to reveal how to escape The Maw. There is a gateway built by The Ancient Ones that had been inactive for eons. However, it reacts to the player. After surviving an ambush, the gateway is ready and we are teleported to Oribos.

The questline ends here abruptly without a follow up. You must create a new character using the dropdown menu on the bottom-left side of the ENTER button.

UPDATE: Nov 24, 2020 — For the Live version of the Shadowlands Intro Questline (with cutscenes and cinematics) go to this page.


Profession Trainers are now available in Oribos for the first time. Check out the recipes. Make sure to press the SPACEBAR to pause. Click the video title to launch the YouTube page for 1080HD and fullscreen.


The Exile’s Reach level 1-10 experience has been enabled again for testing. It had been disabled for the past few builds.

Only the Alliance version is available. Gor’groth (ogre boss) now has voiceline. Some NPCs are missing voicelines, but most of them have been added. By the time the game goes Live the whole Exile’s Reach questline will have voicelines.

Music has been added to the zone.

Cutscenes have been slightly improved with closeups, but still have the red X across the screen to inform it is still work in progress.

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