Plans for a Warcraft movie sequel are no more, but that doesn’t stop Duncan Jones from sharing with his fans what he thinks a Warcraft movie trilogy would have looked like on paper.

DUNCAN: A fair question and a brief answer. Yes. I had three films I would have loved to make for the first “story” before handing the reins to someone else for the better known Warcraft lore. This is a VERY brief summary of what films 2 & 3 would have been built around.

3 films. Part 2 would have been Go’el/Thrall as a young orc slave in Blackmoore’s gladiator camp. Here he meets & befriends a Tauren who tells him of another land to the west where his people come from, & where he might find allies & maybe a new home…

Three, the gathering horde army and freeing of orcs around the Eastern kingdom before a dangerous trip across the sea to Kalimdor, & the founding of the 1st Azerothian city of Orgrimmar. Basically the trilogy was the fulfilling of Durotan’s promise to give his people a new home.

This Warcraft film trilogy synopsis might not be satisfying to every fan. It pretty much discards most of the Warcraft III story by focusing mainly on the Horde perspective.

What would Warcraft III look like from the Orcs perspective? Well, obviously the film wouldn’t have gone too deep into Arthas, the Scourge, or even the Night Elves — except for maybe a few interactions the orcs had with each party.

What Duncan Jones is saying here is that the film trilogy would have opened the opportunity for other directors and other projects to focus on other aspects of the Warcraft mythos. Be it in the shape of more films, Netflix live-action series or mini-series; animated shows on Netflix or cartoon network, etc.

source: Twitter

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