Before writing my review, I want to describe my background in the Star Wars franchise. I am age 47, and of course, I watched the original trilogy as a kid. Not in the theater, but at home on TV probably around 1980-1982, and a very few times thereafter whenever it was shown on TV.

Thereafter, my entry into Star Wars came back in the shape of video games. I played Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast (which I loved), Star Wars: Dark Forces; Jedi Knight: Dark Force, and Jedi Academy.

Not because of the lore, but because in the early 2000s, I downloaded whatever 3D games were available at the time, and the novelty of playing a Star Wars game.

However, new games came up and I moved on. Never to get back to Star Wars for about a decade or longer.

I think I managed to watch one of the Star Wars films in Netflix, and didn’t watch any of the other films when they came out.

Around 2017-2018, I watched the Star Wars: Rogue One in Netflix.

Most recently, since I already had a Hulu account for $12.99 and the DisneyPlus Bundle gave me access to it basically free with Hulu — why not. So I watched all the Star Wars films in a marathon a few weeks ago, and all The Mandalorian episodes.

I have not read a single Star Wars novel or comic. I have not watched any of the Star Wars animated series.

So with my full background in Star Wars laid bare to you, here we go with my review of Rise of Skywalker from the point of view of someone with my limited lore knowledge.

I think the novels and other media should have been taken in account by Disney. However, it has come to my attention via YouTube that Disney basically extended the middle finger to the fanbase by deeming them non-canonical.

I’m not a 100% Star Wars fan as I never read any of the written material, but as a fan of Blizzard games and their novels, I feel deeply identified with Disney direspecting the canon and the fanbase.

The basic tenets that make a great story are the plot and the characters. You write a story that is compelling to the audience, has some spicy twists that make the audience go “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming;” and a few intertwined plots that lead the story toward a climax. Pretty much: set up, and then pay off.

A story should also introduce the main characters and flesh out their personality. The writer should make the characters so interesting that you care about them, and about the story.

J.J. Abrams is good only at adding nods to the story that old-school fanbase can appreciate — but he focuses way too much on those little nods, and forgets about the plot and the main characters.

Ultimately, that’s the downfall of every single J.J. Abrams film. You should never alienate and anger the fans.

I am not too much into Star Wars, most of my life, but heck — I am a Trekkie. I have watched every single Series. Several times.

I saw what J.J. Abrams did to the Star Trek films. Lots of fan services (known as nods or easter eggs), lots of CGI, and mediocre story that angered the core fanbase.

I was abhored to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi a few weeks ago, and could understand all the rant and buzz I had read or watched online.

So I was fully prepared to face Rise of Skywalker. The first ever Star Wars film I pay for to watch at a theater — knowing very well how YouTube and some sites have criticized The Last Jedi and even those who watched Rise of Skywalker earlier than most people. The reviews have been poor.

So freshly returned from the cinema, as a witness myself, here is my review.


Taking in consideration it is a J.J. Abrams directed film, and you don’t need my input to understand his modus operandi of destroying franchises and angering fanbases, the film starts very similar to Star Wars: Rogue One — where a rebel sympathizer brings First Order intel to inform their latest plans.

We get to see Rey in her Jedi training, but we should have seen a bit more of it, in my opinion. Still, it was longer than anyone would have expected.

Finally, we get to see more Rey, Poe and Finn screen time, which is a good thing, but I am very disgusted at how easily Rey gets distracted whenever she senses something in the force and blatantly goes rogue and abandons her team to pursue what captures her interest.

It is very hard to compel me as a film watcher to see Rey as “loving her friends” when every few minutes she abandons them. Doesn’t strike me as a team player.

I remember Luke leaving his Jedi training with Yoda because he sensed Han Solo was in trouble. He had to go help his friends.

I also remember Han Solo risking his own life when temperatures went down hard to go in search of Luke.

I think her friends tried to help her more than she helped them in this film.

Every single time Rey leaves her teammates, and they are in trouble — not a single time she went to their rescue. They found other ways to escape or solve their life-threatening troubles.

There is a mix of two or three plots interconnected leading them to their main goal. But as in The Last Jedi, the entire first hour is flushed out into a sewer as invalidated and negated.

I am very tired of J.J. Abrams focusing mostly on CGI battle / chase scenes, and easter eggs filling the rest of the movie with garbage plots. An entire hour of plots that don’t lead to accomplishing their goal. How fun is that?

On the CGI side, I do have to say that Rise of Skywalker has a lot of it. Too much of it, and too fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if people who are sensitive to getting dizzy get disoriented watching all the camera transitions. Still, very good CGI.

In terms of fan service, or easter egg nods (whichever way you would like to call them), J.J. Abrams delivered handsomely. I’m not a core lore fan, for the reasons I mentioned, but having watched the Star Wars marathon a few weeks ago when DisneyPlus went live — my oh my.

There is one specific thing seen in The Mandalorian that fans are going to go… “Ohhhhhhhh!”

There are a few elements from the original Star Wars trilogy coming back in Rise of Skywalker.

While doing research for my full summary, I also came across something that some core fans might be interested in. There are some elements from the Cartoon Network & TNT Star Wars Animated Series. Which means Disney considers those canonical.

There are some special guests (not from the Animated Series) that the fans will welcome seeing again.

We will learn a bit more about Rey, Poe and Finn. About their past, but not as much as I would have wished.

I am not sure how much to say without spoiling the story in Rise of Skywalker, but from the point of view of the big revelation, I can now see why Rey is not a mary sue as many many fans have said in the past years since Episode VII.

We simply did not know the entire story, but leaving the big reveal for the third part of the trilogy surely gave the impression Rey was a mary sue. I can’t blame the fans, but J.J. Abrams.

Nevertheless, there were clues left in Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. So it is partially our fault not to have chased those clues. I do remember a few speculations by YouTubers nailing it, and it became true.

So, there you have it. Rey is not a mary sue.

There is more to her and it is all revealed in Rise of Skywalker.

I do feel that the entirety of Rise of Skywalker was more about that big reveal, than about the non-existent plot, the CGI scenes, and the easter eggs.

The end of the movie felt hollow, and disconnected. I would have loved to see Rey, Poe, and Finn together like when we saw Luke, Han and Leia together at the end of Return of the Jedi celebrating with the ewoks.

I will give Rise of Skywalker a generous 7/10 because of the fan service/easter egg nods, and the CGI. Probably too generous.

However, the big reveal and some info that Star Wars fans didn’t know of in the original Star Wars trilogy with Luke, Han and Leia — probably makes it worthwhile for old-school fans and post-2000 fans alike.

So regardless of the self-inflicted negativity, you should probably watch the film; wait until it reaches DisneyPlus; or read my full spoiler summary.

Last warning: Clicking the accordion below will lead to the full spoiler summary. If you are like me and love to read spoilers, read it. You will also read more rants about J.J. Abrams for doing things he shoudn’t have.

The film starts with Kylo Ren killing many warriors at planet Mustafar. Kylo has come to retrieve a triangular crystal known as a Sith wayfinder which serves as sort of a GPS to find the mysterious Sith world Exegol where Palpatine lives.

Kylo Ren links the device to his ship's systems and it leads him to the planet Exegol.

Going inside the structure, he finds many clone tubes with copies of Snoak.

Palpatine talks to Kylo. Kylo came here to kill Palpatine. Palpatine says he has been waiting for him, and offers the entire fleet of the Last Order and to become what Darth Vader did never -- the new emperor of the Last Order. All he has to do is to kill Rey.

The screen switches to the massive iceberg in space scene that has a massive base within the ice.

Poe, Finn, and Chewbacca pick a hard drive from a rebel that picked a message from a spy within the First Order. It reveals Palpatine is alive again, and the Last Order has hundreds of destroyer ships.

Rey is training as a Jedi with Leia. There is this scene where Rey is floating in the air with several rocks rotating around her like an atom icon. She is saying some words invoking the force. It reminded me curiously to the monk of the ROGUE ONE film: "I am with the Force. The force is with me." But different. In this case, Rey wants to connect with the Force at a higher level, but she fails.

Suddenly, Rey feels Kylo while training. He controls the training droid, and she fights the droid with more tenacity and rage than usual until she destroys it.

Kylo invites Rey once more to join him. She refuses.

Poe and Finn arrive to the rebel base and inform what the First Order spy revealed. The Last Order plans to attack several planets in 16 hours. That Palpatine is hiding in a planet named Exegol.

Rey becomes disturbed and leaves the meeting to double check through her jedi books. Then returns and asks Leia to talk in private.

Rey knows how to find Exegol based on Luke's research trying to find Exegol. Rey wants Leia's blessing, but with or without it she plans to search for Exegol to confront Palpatine.

Rey announces she is leaving in search of Exegol -- but Finn says she won't go alone without her friends.

Kylo tells the remnants of the First Order that Palpatine is alive and has offered him to lead the Last Order. The First Order and the Last Order will work together.

Rey, Poe, Finn, Chewbacca, and C3PO arrive to a planet for clues about Exegol. C3PO informs from his data bank that the massive festival they are witnessing is a festival in homage to the ancestors that happens about every 42 years.

A young alien talks to Rey in a strange language. C3PO translates. The alien is introducing herself to Rey with a name and last name. Then asks Rey what is her last name. Rey says she has no last name. Just Rey.

The alien gives Rey a festival necklace as a gift.

This feels like the typical Mandalorian set up and pay off -- as later we learn at the end of the film.

Out of the blue, Kylo once more uses the force to communicate with Rey. Kylo reveals Palpatine has asked him to kill her. But he wants her to join him in the dark force to together kill Palpatine. Once more, Rey refuses.

Suddenly, Kylo does something that he hadn't done before -- that I know of. He somehow grabs Rey's necklace and the necklace appears on Kylo's hand. This is some really awkward thing. He teleported the necklace through the force?

The scientists of the First Order analyze the materials of the necklace and pinpoint the origin to be the planet where Rey is now.

A mysterious figure with a helmet that feels familiar approaches the team, as First Order ships appear on the sky. The figure leads them to an adjacent building.

The mysterious figure is Lando Calrissian. He recognized the wookie, Chewbacca, and hugs him. Poe tells Lando they are here to find out more about Exegol.

Lando says, of course you are. It seems Lando knows rebels and jedi always look for the most troublesome missions.

Lando says he knew a guy who was searching for a Sith dagger that leads the way to find a Sith wayfinder to locate Exegol. The guy never returned. His ship is still abandoned where he disappeared.

Rey wants to get to that guy's ship to find out where the Sith wayfinder is.

The team leaves Lando to begin their search, and while the First Order troops are searching the city for Rey, Poe decides to hardwire two cycles.

The First Order soldiers notice the hovercrafts and pursue them. After an exchange of laser shots, both their hovercrafts are destroyed, sending the team flying several yards away into the ground.

However, they land in something akin to granite quicksand. It seems Finn is about to reveal his feelings for Rey in his last breathing moments, but he sinks too fast to utter further words. All of them sink down.

The team has sunk into a giant worm cavern. They find an abandoned Sith hovercraft and a dagger with sith language glyphs, and a corpse. Rey senses something when she holds the dagger. Voices of people the dagger killed.

Suddenly, the team freezes when they see a giant worm threatening them.

Rey approaches it slowly, and notices the worm is wounded. Here is what we all heard might tie-in with The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 7.

Rey uses the force to fast-heal the worm.

In The Mandalorian, baby Yoda uses the same force-heal to save Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) who gets poisoned by a flying dragon-like creature after inflicting Greef's arm with a very deep wound with his claws.

The worm spares the team and leaves, revealing an exit that was hidden behind it.

The team leaves the cavern, and walks toward the abandoned ship that Lando talked about earlier. The corpse is presumed to be the guy that was searching for the clue to planet Exegol -- the Sith dagger. Apparently, he met his demise before the worm, but not before wounding his attacker.

Poe says they will have to somehow find someone who is able to translate the Sith dagger's glyphs.

C3PO reveals he is able to read the Sith language, but his programming prevents him from translating it because it is a forbidden language.

As they walk toward the abandoned ship, Rey senses something in the force. She asks them to continue toward the abandoned ship. This is the scene where Kylo approaches in his ship and Rey jumps in the air and cuts through his ship's wing with her lightsaber.

Kylo crashes hard.

Poe asks Chewbacca to tell Rey they are ready to leave the planet. The silliest thing ever is that Chewbacca has the Sith dagger with him instead of leaving it in the ship.

Chewbacca is captured by the First Order. Finn follows Chewbacca, but sees as he is led into a cargo ship in restraint cuffs.

Finn runs toward Rey and informs the cargo ship now airborne has Chewbacca. He has been captured.

This scene has a moment that jawdropped the audience. Rey went full-on Thanos-with-Infinity-Gauntlet mode.

Rey waves her hand force-gripping the cargo ship in the air attempting to pull it to the ground.

Kylo is surprised to see this scene. He matches her strength waving his hand to force-push the ship to continue flying off planet.

Both Kylo and Rey continue this force-grip of the cargo ship for several seconds.

Rey goes full rage to overpower Kylo's attempt to oppose her wish and goes full-on Palpatine with electricity crackling through the sky gripping the cargo ship powerfully and destroying it into a million pieces of scrap.

Finn yells: Chewie!!!

Rey can't believe she lost control, and that Chewbacca is now dead.

With the dagger gone -- apparently destroyed in the cargo ship Rey just blew up out of the sky, Poe says there is nothing they can do now as there is nothing to translate.

C3PO informs Poe that the image of the dagger's glyphs is in his memories. He can still translate it, but his programming forbids him from translating Sith language.

At some point Rey tells Poe that she has seen a vision where she will be sitting at the throne of Palpatine as a Sith.

They arrive to a planet full of First Order troops searching house by house for no reason.

As the team goes down a street, a gun is pointed at Poe's skull at a corner.

It is an old friend of Poe who has a grudge with him. Rey and the lady in a helmet fight, and she ends up on the ground pointing a blaster at Rey, and Rey suddenly points her lightsaber at her face.

Rey gives her the option to help them, to which the helmet lady ends up agreeing to now knowing she is facing a Jedi.

The lady leads them to the tiny hacker who can disable the programming that impedes C3PO from translating the forbidden Sith language, but there is a setback to doing so. The procedure will erase C3PO's memories after he translates the recorded image of the dagger's glyphs.

This is the scene where C3PO takes a last look at his friends.

The procedure is completed and C3PO rises up.

This is the scene that turns C3PO's eyes into glowing red.

He translates the Sith language which reveals the location of the Sith wayfinder device. There are only 2 of these Sith devices. Kylo has one. The other one is located in the planet where a portion of the death star crashed into. More to the point, the device is in a hidden room near Palpatine's throne -- where he fought Luke Skywalker.

C3PO falls back inert, then reboots with no memories. Starts behaving as if he doesn't know who his friends are.

Poe feels despair because the rebels numbers are dwindling and now the Last Order has hundreds of destroyer ships. Last time when they called the fringe worlds for help, none responded the call to arms -- in The Last Jedi.

The helmet lady, old friend of Poe, tells him not to despair. They have more people. Probably one of the very few set up/pay off moments of this film. If not the only one.

Rey reveals a ship they found is the same ship she remembers as a girl taking off the planet she was abandoned in. Her parents were in that ship.

Out of the blue, Rey feels the presence of Chewbacca. Turns out he is still alive. She destroyed the wrong cargo ship earlier. She also senses Kylo in the same ship.

Kylo comes down to the city. Rey and the team take a ship to infiltrate Kylo's destroyer. The helmet lady gives Poe a special coin-like item that grants security clearance to any First Order ship.

They go onboard the First Order destroyer ship with no problem, and fire their way out into the hangar in order to search for Chewbacca.

They crawl their way through the destroyer's hallways, and get ambushed by 2 stormtroopers. Rey uses the force to jedi mind trick them into letting them go and giving them the location of Chewbacca's prison cell.

Suddenly, Rey senses the Sith dagger and leaves her team to go search for it.

The team finds Chewbacca and free him.

One of the First Order command finds curious to see a unknown ship at the hangar and asks whose ship is that. He alerts security.

The team is surrounded by stormtroopers and captured.

This was seriously stupid. Rey continues to go rogue and go alone instead of working as a team, or the least -- hang out with her team to protect them. Could you imagine Luke going rogue on his own when Leia and Han Solo get trapped in the trash compactor? They would have died without Luke's communicator asking C3PO and R2D2 for help. Rolls eyes all the way back.

Rey finds the Sith dagger, but also a macabre scene: the altar holding the husk of Darth Vader's helmet.

Rey grabs the dagger and once more she senses the voices of those who the dagger killed. This disturbs the force in a way that Kylo senses Rey's feelings toward the dagger's voices.

Kylo tells Rey he knows now what happened to her parents. It is in her memories. He felt it when she grabbed the Sith dagger and heard the voices. Turns out the voices coming from the Sith dagger is the Sith killing her parents with that dagger.

She says she doesn't wants to hear him.

Kylo says she doesn't know the full story.

Her parents didn't abandon her in Tattoine. They were protecting her. Palpatine was searching for Rey.

Somehow Kylo and Rey fight with lightsabers in the... (force-mindscape?) not there physically together.

This is the scene where Rey and Kylo's lightsabers cross and destroy the altar holding Darth Vader's helmet.

Kylo looks to the ground and sees the helmet. This is how Kylo finds out where Rey is... she is in his quarters aboard his destroyer ship.

Asks his troops to board the ship and to alert Rey is in his quarters.

Kylo arrives to the destroyer ship.

The commander orders the team executed. The Stormtroopers line up in formation to execute Poe, Finn, Chewbacca and C3PO.

General Hux asks for the honor to shoot the first shot.

The team brace for execution. Shots are heard.

Turns out General Hux was the spy that sent the message to the rebels at the beginning of Rise of Skywalker. The team asks why. Hux doesn't care if the rebels win. He simply wants Kylo to lose.

General Hux leads them to a hangar and asks Finn to shoot him in the arm. He will tell the Fleet officers the rebels overpowered them.

Rey and Kylo now fight for real aboard the destroyer ship. Their fight leads them to the hangar. Rey is pushed toward the hangar projection screen leading into space -- literally against the wall, with nowhere to run to.

Rey asks Kylo why Palpatine wants her. Kylo says because as a girl, he saw what she would become. "You have Palpatine's powers" -- Kylo said -- "you are his granddaughter. You... are a Palpatine."

Kylo says: "My mother was the daughter of Vader. Your father was the son of the Emperor."

Kylo asks Rey to join him to kill Palpatine together and to end his rule. She knows what to do.

Out of the blue, the team arrives aboard the Millenium Falcon which had been captured earlier by Kylo's forces. It was sitting in another hangar where General Hux led them to.

Rey force jumps into space and lands in the Millenium Falcon's bottom ramp.

(This covers the first hour of the film 01:04:00)

General Hux gives the Fleet Officers his BS-story how they got overpowered by the prisoners. The new fleet commander shoots General Hux and asks his subordinates to inform Kylo they have found the spy.

Palpatine scolds Kylo for not killing Rey, and threatens to send the Last Order's destroyers against Kylo's remnants of the First Order ships.

Kylo says he knows where Rey is going, and promises Rey will never become a Jedi.

The Millenium Falcon crash lands on a planet. The team arrived here following clues of what they heard C3PO says when he translated the Sith dagger's glyphs.

In the horizon, we see a portion of the Death Star 2.0 that crashed in the middle of the ocean.

A group of locals arrive in hovercraft vehicles. They saw the crash landing of the Millenium Falcon, and have come to check up on survivors.

She asks if they are Resistance. Says someone from the Resistance informed her that the team would arrive.

She offers to take them to the Death Star 2.0 husk in the morning. They protest as they have no time to waste. However, they finally agree.

Poe asks the local lady (Jannah/Naomi Ackie) if they have spare parts to help repair the Millenium Falcon.

Jannah reveals to Finn that her band of locals were formerly First Order stormtroopers. They were ordered to kill a whole colony, but all of her troops decided to drop their weapons and to disband from the First Order ranks. They were conscripted as kids.

Finn reveals he was formerly a Stormtrooper too.

Jannah doesn't understand why all of them dropped their arms. They felt something.

Finn meditates and says the Force made them drop their arms. Finn felt the same thing when he was commanded to kill the villagers. He wasn't sure then what it was, but now that he has met this band of former Stormtroopers, he realizes it was the Force.

This kinda explains how Finn was able to fight Kylo with a lightsaber without Jedi training in The Last Jedi -- to a degree.

Someone alerts them a sea vehicle has been stolen. Rey has gone rogue once more, taking the vehicle to challenge the 80 feet ocean waves to reach the Death Star 2.0 husk.

Finn and Jannah take a second sea vehicle to reach the Death Star 2.0 husk.

Meanwhile, Rey climbs inside the Death Star interior and reaches a room that looks exactly like Palpatine's throne room -- the scene where Palpatine (Lord Sidious) and Luke Skywalker started to fight.

Left of the throne, there is a wall. It opens automatically before Rey.

Inside, there is a vertical device holding a triangular or conal device. It is the second Sith wayfinder. Rey grabs it.

She sees a vision of Rey the Sith, Empress of the Last Order. Rey battles Rey the Empress vision -- but somehow that is interrupted.

The Sith wayfinder slides across the ground and it is picked up by a hand. Kylo's.

Out of the blue, Kylo appears before Rey physically. He did know where she was going, after all.

Kylo pulverizes the Sith wayfinder crystal in his hand, destroying it.


Ohhhhhhh..... Hell, no. Criticism wave incoming...

This is why I profoundly hate J.J. Abrams' films. He doesn't believe in fleshing out a story, using screen time to develop characters, or setting up to later pay off.

His main way of doing films is: filling up his films with intensive pursuit or fighting scenes for the FX department sprinked with random funny lines; and setting up and... "gotcha suckers!"-it-didn't-go-how-you-expected moments.

This mode of making films is stupid, and a slap-in-the-face to fans who paid $15+ for a movie ticket.

It is offensive to your intellect.

Basically, he spent a full hour setting up:

Oh, we go to random planet to search for a clue to the location of Exegol. We find Lando who happens to know a guy who is searching for Exegol via an artifact. The team is chased down by First Order troops and end up in a quicksand that happens to be where the Sith dagger is located, but we don't read Sith Language, so let's go find someone who can -- but oh... don't worry Poe, C3PO knows how to read Sith language, but oh... my programming prevents me from translating it, so oh... Poe knows someone who can brute-force his programming to actually allow C3PO to translate it... but oh... doing so will render C3PO's memories gone. We get the translation and find out there is a Sith wayfinder that is a sort of GPS to find Exegol... but oh... it is in a planet where a part of the Death Star fell... but oh... to reach it we need to navigate through 80 feet tall ocean waves... but oh, Rey stole a boat and went rogue going all by herself... and after a full hour of convoluted search, Kylo destroys the very Sith wayfinder that we spent a full effing hour and a half of fill-in plot nonsense searching for

And now we are at square-one with no way to find the location of Exegol.

Are you effing kidding me? Is this how J.J. Abrams scripts his movies? Absolutely yes. There is no real plot. It is all special effects, and setup/gotcha suckers moments. Just filling up the film time with random stupid moments that lead nowhere.

The same happened in Return of the Jedi where Finn spends about an hour searching for the master hacker to bypass the First Order's security systems to disable the death star 3.0 -- but it turns out they bring a different hacker that ends up selling them to the First Order. That was another setup/gotcha-suckers moment. The entire plot didn't lead to a payoff. It was just film-time filler. No plot leading to a climax the viewer can enjoy.

J.J. should be banned from big IPs. The money isn't worth losing or angering fans.


Rey attacks Kylo with anger. She no longer has a means to find Exegol, rendering all her team's efforts to search for this device a waste of time.

Kylo taunts Rey. She is training to become a Jedi with his mother Leia as her new Jedi Master, but she is proving to be something else. Kylo says she can't return back to Leia now. Same as he can't.

Rey fights Kylo with their lightsabers like never before.

Finn and Jannah appear and Finn yells at Rey. Rey uses the Force to push Finn farther away from the battle.

Rey is using too much strength in her lightsaber attacks -- like a true Palpatine -- and ends up tired, and clumsy in her attacks until she falls on her back.

Kylo has the upper hand, and seems to go for the kill.

Leia senses this and communicates with Kylo through the Force. Kylo turns his head to look at Leia.

Rey takes the opportunity to stab Kylo through the abdomen.

Leia does something strange and dies. I think she somehow used what she had left of the Force to infuse her son with... love? Or whatever. To change her son.

Kylo falls to the ground. Dead. Or at least unconscious? Rey somehow sensed Leia's death as she stabbed Kylo. Tears overcome Rey.

Rey reaches out to Kylo and uses the Force to heal his wound. He comes back to life.

Rey is sad that Leia has passed away. Steals Kylo's ship.

Something I find lore breaking is that Leia's body did not disappear into the Force. Either she is a Jedi or she isn't. Stupid inconsistent script.

Well, now that I think of that, I don't think Vader's either. His body was cremated -- which proofs inconsistency as well back then. Vader's body should have vanished like Obi-Wan and Yoda's once he turned back to the light side of the Force.

Enough of ramblings for now.

Kylo stands at the edge of the top of the Death Star 2.0 husk. Looking into the ocean waves in meditation -- in the direction Rey flew away in his ship.

Suddenly, a voice talks to Kylo. He turns around. It is Han Solo. Kylo argues his son is dead. Han Solo says no. Kylo Ren just died. He is his son now. Kylo says but his mother has died. Han Solo says what she stood for her entire life hasn't.

Han Solo holds Kylo's face with his left hand.

Kylo grabs the lightsaber and throws it away into the ocean.

Palpatine orders the new General to begin the Last Order's path of destruction through the galaxy.

A single destroyer ship opens fire and destroys a planet. Each destroyer is equipped with Death Star technology...

The Last Order has hundreds of Destroyer ships...

Rey discovers that the Kylo's ship she stole has the second Sith wayfinder that leads her to Exegol.

Poe and the rebels find out the Last Order's main destroyer ship has destroyed a whole planet with death star technology.

With Leia dead, Poe now is in full despair as he became Leia's successor as leader of the Resistance. What hope can they have now.

Lando appears and tells him they do have something: themselves. That's how Lando, Han Solo, Leia, and Luke defeated the Empire back in the day.

Rey changes her mind and doesn't pursue heading to Exegol to face Palpatine. Instead, she flies back to planet Ahch-To. She wants to stay there stranded in order to exile herself so that she never becomes the Empress of the Last Order.

Rey destroys Kylo's ship so that she has no means to leave Ahch-To.

Then Rey throws the lightsaber into the ship's flames.

However, the lightsaber floats in mid-air. Luke Skywalker's force ghost holds it on his hand.

Luke tells Rey a Jedi lightsaber deserves more respect.

Rey reminds him he did the same thing when she brought the lightsaber to him.

Luke said... well, I was wrong. It was fear what led him to come into exile to planet Ahch-To. What are you so afraid of?

She tells Luke: myself.

Luke says: Because you are a Palpatine. Leia knew it too.

Rey is surprised. Why did Leia took Rey as her Padawan if she knew she was a Palpatine?

Luke says because Leia saw Rey's heart.

Luke says Leia would have wanted Rey to have something. Leads Rey to one of the buildings where a cloth-wrapped object is hidden within a wall.

It is the lightsaber Leia trained as a Padawan with Luke as her Jedi master.

There is a CGI scene of a younger Luke and Leia training with lightsabers. Leia defeats Luke.

When Leia gave up the lightsaber time later, she asked Luke to keep the lightsaber. Someone special would need it someday.

Luke mentions there are a thousand years of generations of Jedi within him.

Rey doubts she has what it takes to defeat Palpatine.

Luke says she has everything she needs.

Rey says she no longer has a ship. She destroyed it.

Luke uses the force to levitate the X-Wing fighter ship he came to Ach-to in. We had seen it before in Return of the Jedi; and sunk in the ocean in The Last Jedi.

Rey departs Ach-to in the X-Wing and links the Sith crystal device to the systems to triangulate the location of Exegol.

The Rebels detect the X-Wing signal as an old ship beacon protocol. Poe says it is Rey. She is leading them to Exegol.

They launch the Rebel fleet toward her destination.

Lando says he will go inform his friends in the Fringe worlds.

The Resistance fleet arrives to Exegol and the visuals are very grim. Hundreds of Destroyer ships cover the entire screen. The Last Order armada is heading out to destroy many rebellion planets throughout the galaxy.

The Rebellion discovers there is a communication tower on the Exegol surface. They need to highjack the tower's communications -- can't remember what for.

As they get near the tower, something happens that they can't hijack its communications.

Finn looks into the sky and pinpoints a specific destroyer out of hundreds in the sky. Finn says they have to destroy that specific destroyer. It is the one scrambling the tower.

Jannah asks how he knows that's the one destroyer. He simply says he knows. Another sign that the Force is strong with ... Finn.

The Rebellion ship does something very unconventional. It lands on top of the destroyer and unleashes many riders on horse-like creatures to ride along the top of the Destroyer.

Finn and Jannah arrive to the target, and BB-8 opens a hatch. They drop a bomb inside, and run away. The explosion causes a chain reaction of explosions along the walls of the Destroyer, but not enough to destroy the ship.

Palpatine welcomes Rey as Empress Palpatine and shows her the throne. It is her birthright to rule. It is in your blood. Our blood.

Rey says she hasn't come to become a Sith. She has come to kill him.

He taunts her: as a Jedi? Then reveals that if Rey kills him, his spirit will merge with Rey's body along with the thousands of Sith spirits within him.

Now this is a massive revelation about Palpatine -- and harkens back to what was truly happening when Luke and Darth Vader were before Palpatine.

There is a The Highlander vibe to this. Palpatine has asked Anakin to kill Count Dooku. Later asked Luke to kill Vader, and him. Then asked Kylo to kill Rey. There is a pattern here. Palpatine consumes the spirit of his Sith disciples, and when it is time, he asks the disciple to kill Palpatine so that his spirit moves to the new body. At this rate, it seems Palpatine is really the first Sith from thousand years ago, moving from body to body and consuming the spirits of all the thousands of Siths that have ever lived. Weird stuff.

Once more, Palpatine says that if Rey kills him, his spirit will transfer into Rey's body and live as One.

Finn looks toward the command center far above the destroyer. The force seems to show him what to do? Ignoring Jannah's call to retreat back into their ship, Finn says there is something he needs to do. She won't let him go alone.

Finn mans some kind of turret, and points it directly to the Command Center above, and decimates it. The General of the Last Order vanishes in a blaze of destruction.

Palpatine declares the time has come. With your hatred you will take my life. Rey refuses to kill him.

Palpatine calls her weak... like her parents.

Rey says no. She is stronger, like Luke.

Palpatine says Luke had his father Darth Vader, but the only family she has here right now is Palpatine.

Palpatine opens the throneroom's dome revealing the sky. Hundreds of Rebellion ships are combating the Last Order's destroyer ships. The Rebellion seems to be losing. Explosions fill the sky.

No one is coming to help you, and you are the one who led them here.

Palpatine asks Rey to take the throne, lead the Last Order, and command the fleet to stop killing her friends. Refuse and they will die.

Palpatine talks to thousands of Sith. Rey turns around and notices the entire room is a sort of colisseum. In the shadows, there are thousands of hooded Sith humanoids present for the ritual Palpatine had foreseen -- where Rey becomes the Empress of the Last Order.

Rey feels resigned to her fate, unable to refuse the deal put at her feet in order to safe her friends.

The Sith minions chant in unison. Palpatine declares the Jedi are dead.

Kylo shows up out of nowhere and fights the Knights of Ren. Wait... where did he get a new ship from? Rey had stolen his ship. Did Finn give him a ride behind-the-scenes or did he call the First Order for a new ship? Anyone cares to explain whatever happened here? Because J.J. doesn't.

Kylo has no lightsaber, however, as he threw it to the ocean earlier.

Palpatine awaits Rey's killing blow with her lightsaber. Rey senses Kylo. She moves her lightsaber behind her head to conceal what she does next.

Rey uses the Force to transfer her lightsaber to Kylo through the ... force-mindscape? The lightsaber appears on Kylo's hand, and he kills the Knights of Ren.

Kylo shows up before Palpatine.

Palpatine says: Stand together. Die together.

What happens next can only be described as Palpatine siphoning the Force out of Rey and Kylo into himself. They fall to the ground. Weakened.

Palpatine seems intrigued. In the Force he siphoned from Rey he has found an ability to heal. He uses that ability to complete the healing of his body which has deformed, incomplete and/or missing fingers. The fingers grow in full.

It seems he no longer needs Rey to kill him to use her body as his new vessel. The ability to heal has restored his current body, and proclaims himself to be the true Emperor.

I think this was just another J.J. Abram eff-up in bad scripting. If he used the Force ability to heal from Rey, what would have made sense is that his entire body should have healed -- we should have seen the Senator Palpatine pristine face before his battle against Mace Windu (Samuel Jackson) in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. This is the battle that deformed his face when Mace Windu deflected Senator Palpatine's electric rays back at his face.

If he used Rey's ability to heal -- he should have healed in full, and show Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine) as his former self, and much younger.

Kylo stands up, and Palpatine levitates him far away and down a cliff.

Above in the sky, the Rebellion has been defeated mostly, Poe loses all hope and begins to give his last words to the Rebellion encouraging them to go down fighting.

Suddenly, Lando communicates that they are not alone. Lando and Chewbacca are onboard the Millenium Falcon leading the cavalry.

Poe turns around to see a massive fleet of small ships from the fringe worlds. Literally, thousands of small ships in the sky.

Last Order destroyer ships begin to fall out of the sky as they get outnumbered.

After Finn destroyed the command center, the main destroyer ship buckles downwards. Finn and Jannah begin to slide down the destroyer's exterior plating, and take hold of something.

Poe hears a report that Finn and Jannah did never leave the destroyer and speeds his ship toward the falling destroyer.

Lando says not to worry. The Millenium Falcon is much faster. Lando finds them and maneuvers the Millenium Falcon so that Finn and Jannah climb over to the hatch.

Palpatine celebrates the return of the Sith and laughs.

Palpatine goes full Sith lord and directs a massive electric pulse into the sky, affecting all the thousands of Rebellion ships. This scene is "holy cow" -- he's powerful AF.

Rey wakes up and looks into the sky as Rebellion ships are engulfed by the most massive electric space storm ever. Then looks past the sky into deep space, and asks the Force to be with her.

There are several voices of past Jedi that talk back to her and grant her the full potential of the Jedi. As per IMDB's list of actors listed as (voice):

Adi Gallia

Anakin Skywalker

Ahsoka Tano

Aayla Secura

Kannan Jarus

Leia Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

Luminara Unduli

Mace Windu

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Qui-Gon Jinn


Now this is super huge for the fanbase because some of these voices hail from the Cartoon Network and TNT (Turner Network Television)'s Star Wars animated series (2008-2014) currently available in the DisneyPlus website -- making them canon.

Rey rises up from the ground and claims that all the generations of Jedi live within her. Bold one, considering that Palpatine earlier claimed to have the spirits of all the Sith within him -- which explains how he is so overpowered.

Rey goes ultra Jedi and deflects Palpatines electric rays back at him with her lightsaber. That's not enough, however. So Rey pulls Leia's lightsaber (or Luke's? I don't know) out of nowhere and forms an X shape with the two lightsabers.

Palpatine goes ohh no... no... no... and he is desintegrated into oblivion.

The massive amount of Jedi Force was too much for Rey, who falls to the ground. Lifeless.

From the cliff, Kylo emerges and crawls his way toward Rey's corpse.

Kylo holds her head against his face.

Suddenly, he attempts to use the force to heal Rey. She comes back to life.

Rey looks at him and smiles. Then kisses Kylo.

However, Kylo weakens and falls to the ground. His body disappears like Luke and Obi-Wan's.

Turns out he used every iota of the force in his body to transfer it into Rey's.

That's kinda disturbing in a few ways, I have heard a few dark jokes about that; but in the end he sacrificed to save her life.

So does J.J. Abrams do the right thing to wrap up Rise of Skywalker in a decent way where Rey joins the Rebellion to celebrate the victory?

OF COURSE NOT!!!! It is J.J. Abrams, people.

The Rebels celebrate all by themselves. The helmet lady nods at Poe -- who is greatful that she brought her friends in the fringe worlds to assist them in the battle against the Last Order destroyers. Poe makes a gesture: Want to give me a kiss? She signals back in body language, kiss my #$%.

We see a lot of hugging and kissing, and why not... women-to-women kissing, and then the screen moves to ... Jakku.

Rey wraps up both lightsabers in a clothing, and uses the force to bury it deep in the sand.

An elder lady asks who she is.


Rey what?


Rey looks into the horizon and sees the Force ghosts of Luke and Leia who smile at her.

"Rey Skywalker."

Ta-da! That's the full movie summary to the best of my memory and English limitations as a second language.

The last episode (Episode 8) of The Mandalorian (Season 1) will air in the website on December 27.

Now that we have seen the Episode 7's use of the Force healing ability in Rise of Skywalker, it might be interesting if Episode 8 reveals something about Rise of Skywalker in The Mandalorian.

Only one week to find out.

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