Emmarel Shadewarden: Even with the support of your fellow hunters, the crusade against the Legion will consume much of your time and attention. It is a war you cannot fight alone.

I first served our order’s founder, Namuria Gladesong, acting as her eyes and ears when she was needed elsewhere. It would be my honor to do the same for you, (name).

I pledge my loyalty to you, and to the Unseen path, for all my days.

Rewards: You will gain this follower — [Emmarel Shadewarden] (Beast master hunter)



A Strong Right Hand


1. Needs of the Hunters6. A Strong Right Hand
2. The Spear in the Shadow7. Altar of the Eternal Hunt
3. On Eeagle's Wings8. Infused with Power
4. The Unseen Path9. Tactical Matters
5. Oath of Service
Class Artifacts Questlines


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