Emmarel Shadewarden: Since ancient times, my order has stood vigil on these Broken Isles, watching for the Legion’s return. Only a handful of us remain… but that changes today.

The artifact you hold is more than a weapon. It is a symbol that will unite hunters of all kingdoms and creeds.

I’m sure you have questions. Meet me at the Trueshot Lodge in Highmountain and see with your own eyes what awaits us. Snowfeather and I will make our own way there.

On Eagle's Wings


Quest Objectives

Meet Emmarel Shadewarden at Trueshot Lodge in Highmountain.

On Eagle's Wings



Note: Go to Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran and talk to Aludane Whitecloud (Flight Master). Choose Trueshot Lodge in Highmountain. The following option is available:

(I need to fly to Talon Peak).

Meet Emmarel Shadewarden at the Trueshot Lodge: 1/1



Emmarel Shadewarden: I’ve observed your skills for some time, (name). Watched you from a distance.

(Emmarel furrows her brow).

Wait, that sounds a little creepy. Sorry, my social skills are a tad rusty. Let me start again.

Our order has been on the lookout for hunters who could lead the Unseen Path into a new era. No one is more qualified for that role than you.


On Eagle’s Wings


1. Needs of the Hunters6. A Strong Right Hand
2. The Spear in the Shadow7. Altar of the Eternal Hunt
3. On Eeagle's Wings8. Infused with Power
4. The Unseen Path9. Tactical Matters
5. Oath of Service
Class Artifacts Questlines


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