world-of-warcraft-paragons-front-coverThe World of Warcraft: Paragons eBook can be read today on your kindle, mobile or PC/Mac. I downloaded the Kindle PC app and will read it as soon as I wake up.

I hope all Blizzplanet followers and lore fans in general support Blizzard Entertainment by reading this digital collection of short stories. The more response from fans, the more stories we will see coming. It is totally worth reading it, and hopefully we’ll see more of these short stories flourish in digital libraries soon.

The book contains several Leader Short Stories and Short Stories seen on the official World of Warcraft website. Some of those by Matt Burns (@Burnzerker), James Waugh (@Waughtang), and Brian Kindregan (@BrianKindregan); but there is a story never read before anywhere that makes it worth adding to your digital collection, as I have.


The World of Warcraft: Paragons contains the short story titled Blood of the Highborne by Micky Neilson (@MickyNeilson).

Just browsing through the pages I can see some character names: King Anasterian, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Dar’Khan, Liadrin, Lor’themar Theron, Zul’jin, Lady Sylvanas, Galell, High Priest Vandellor, Grand Magister Belo’vir, Halduron Brightwing, Arthas the Death Knight, and Rommath.

From the quick glance I gave, this story covers the final moments of King Anasterian, the arrival of Arthas the Death Knight through Quel’Thalas, the rise of the Blood Elves, and the founding of the Blood Knights.

There are four chapters:

  • All or None
  • Shadows Fall
  • Darkening of the Sunwell
  • Dawn of the Blood Knights

Hope to have a review sometime tonight. Stay tuned. — Update: Read my review to find out what Blood of the Highborne is about.