Altar Keeper Biehn: Now that your artifact is ready, it’s time to plan your first strike against the Legion.

Speak to Tactician Tinderfell, our expert on such matters.

Tactical Matters


Quest Objectives

Speak to Tactician Tinderfell in the Trueshot Lodge.

Tactical Matters



Tactician Tinderfell: Hail, Pathfinder! It will be my honor to aid you in the fight against the Legion.


Tactical Matters


1. Needs of the Hunters6. A Strong Right Hand
2. The Spear in the Shadow7. Altar of the Eternal Hunt
3. On Eeagle's Wings8. Infused with Power
4. The Unseen Path9. Tactical Matters
5. Oath of Service
Class Artifacts Questlines


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