Emmarel Shadewarden: For a thousand years, the Unseen Path has watched and waited. We remained few in number, quietly acting behind the scenes when Azeroth needed us. Only a select few even knew our group existed.

But the time for lingering in the shadows is over.

Before we begin our work, you should hear more about the Unseen Path.

The Unseen Path


Quest Objectives

Hear Emmarel’s tale.



Emmarel Shadewarden: Please, walk with me, (name). The Unseen Path was founded after the War of the Ancients to safeguard the people of Azeroth. From these Broken Isles, we watched for the Legion’s return. As we arrived here to build the Trueshot Lodge, the eagle spirit, Ohn’ahra, appeared and gave her blessing. From that day forth, we called this mountain Talon Peak. Over the centuries, most of my fellow watchers have been lost. The few of us remaining sought out heroes worthy to heed the call when the Unseen Path was needed once again.

The Unseen Path


Vereesa Windrunner: The Silver Covenant stands with you!

Halduron Brightwing: The Farstriders vow to fight at your side!

Emmarel Shadewarden: The Unseen Path will be stronger than ever before!



Emmarel Shadewarden: The Legion has returned, and the Unseen Path needs new blood… new leadership.

The weapon you hold is proof there is no one better suited to this task.

Will you take up the mantle? Will you fulfill the oath my order took so long ago?


The Unseen Path


1. Needs of the Hunters6. A Strong Right Hand
2. The Spear in the Shadow7. Altar of the Eternal Hunt
3. On Eeagle's Wings8. Infused with Power
4. The Unseen Path9. Tactical Matters
5. Oath of Service
Class Artifacts Questlines


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