Apata Highmountain: Many years ago a corrupted nightsaber stalked and killed many Highmountain. Our great chieftain of that time took the Spear of the Highmountain, a relic from Huin Highmountain himself, and chased the beast and never returned.

I have learned of a powerful nightsaber that lives in the mists of Tideskorn Harbor in Stormheim, and I believe this to be our ancient foe.

The relic must be there too! If we can kill it and reclaim the spear, it will be of great use against the Legion.



Quest Objectives

Deal with the Highmountain’s Bane.



Apata Highmountain: Follow me. My brother Wuho was supposed to scout out a safe area where we can fly in. We will take a hyppogryph to the harbor and he should send us a signal of where to land.


Location: Helmouth Shallows (Stormheim)

Apata Highmountain: Wuho! Have you found the monster?

Wuho Highmountain: I have not seen it, but it is the one we seek. The kvaldir here are afraid of a giant cat that made its lair in the deep swamps. They have built a set of wards that bar our way.

Apata Highmountain: There must be a way across! Wuho, tell me everything while our friend investigates the harbor. (name), if you would like to know more I will tell you what I know.



Speak with Apata at the landing site: 1/1


STAGE 2: The Haunted Harbor – Kvaldir wards bar the way further into the swamp. Investigate Tideskorn Harbor to find a way through.

New Objective: Investigate Tideskorn Harbor.

Note: This area is infested with Misthunter Basilisk. Navigate carefully to avoid aggro.



Tip: The location is northeast. Check the mini-map for a small circle marking the location. The objective is seen in the image below.



Investigate Tideskorn Harbor: 1/1


STAGE 3: Distracting Them Wisely – The Mist Warders manage the wards. Use a Freezing Trap to easily steal their wardstones.

Elder Runecarver: Something is stirring in the shallows. Activate the Wardstones!



Mist Warder: Bah! I grow tired of your errands, old one!



STAGE 4: Easy Pickings – Steal the Wardstone now that the Warder is taken care of.

New Objective: Slay the Highmountain’s Bane and reclaim Talonclaw.

New Objective: Obtain the Activated Wardstone.


Mist Warder: If only I had the use of my arms…



Obtain the Activated Wardstone: 1/1




STAGE 5: Just a Few More — More wardstones will be needed to breach the wall. Collect more wardstones from the kvaldir in the harbor.

New Objective: Obtain more Activated Wardstones 0/3.


Discovered: Tideskorn Harbor.

Veteran Enforcer: You won’t make it out of here alive!

Veteran Harpooner: I’ll see you in… Helheim.



Veteran Harpooneer: Join the other souls in Helheim, fool!

Veteran Harpooneer: No, the torment…

Mist Warder: Begone from here!

Mist Warder: You are not worthy of being here!



Obtain more Activated Wardstones 3/3


STAGE 6: The Wall of Fog – Apata and Wuho are out near the wards, find them and find a way to breach the wards.

New Objective: Speak with Apata.



Apata Highmountain: Calm yourself, Wuho! To even see the Spear will be something to remember. Look! Our friend returns!

Wuho Highmountain: I will not be stopped by some fog magic! Our tribe’s greatest weapon and greatest enemy are but a few strides from us!

Apatha Highmountain: We were just about to come find you. The wards block off the whole northern shallows.

(Don’t worry, I have a solution.)

Apata Highmountain: Ah, you found something in that nightmarish village?

(I “found” these runes that repel the mists. We can work them into these harpoons and we should be able to cross using them!)

Apata Highmountain: Wonderful! I can just attach them here and… It is done, let’s get across now!


STAGE 7: Into the Mists – Harpoons and runes in hand, the fog barrier can be breached. Use a harpoon to cross the wards.

Note: Click the harpoon resting on the tree.



Use the harpoon to cross the fog: 1/1


STAGE 8: The Shallows of Death — Apata wants to get the lay of the land carefully, follow her around the swamp.

Apata Highmountain: It is… quiet here.

Wuho Highmountain: I can’t sense any beasts here at all!

Apata Highmountain: Wait, I feel we are being watched…



Apata Highmountain: It’s there! Anshe protect us…



STAGE 9: Deadly Shadows — Dakaar is sending illusionary stalkers at you, defend yourself!

New Objective: Use Flare to reveal and defeat the Illusions.

Apata Highmountain: Defend yourselves!

Wuho Highmountain: These illusions are stealthing! Anyone got a flare?



STAGE 10: The Hunter or the Hunted — Dakarr hides in deep mists, go into them and lay traps to catch him.

New Objective: Place a trap in the mists to catch Dakarr.


Apata Highmountain: It went into that deep patch of mist. It could be anywhere in there. Hero, do you think you have a trap strong enough to grab the beast so we can kill it?

Wuho Highmountain: Perhaps something explosive to disperse the mist? We are right behind you master trapper, run in and we will defend you while you set up.

Apata Highmountain: It claws at us from the mist, hurry!



Apata Highmountain: Hold them off until the trap is sprung!

Apata Highmountain: This stealth is maddening! Would someone drop a flare?

The mist dissipates revealing Dakarr in the trap!

Apata Highmountain: We are… Wuho! No!

Wuho dies.

Apata Highmountain: My brother… I should never have brought you. You shall be avenged. We must finish this, follow the monster.


STAGE 11: For the Fallen — The beast has fled to another lair of mist, trap it again and avenge Wuho.

New Objective: Trap Dakarr in the mist lair.

Apata Highmountain: These wounds… they do not heal. We must finish this quickly.

Apata Highmoountain: We cannot fight it until you place the trap! Hurry!



The mist dissipates, revealing Dakarr in the trap!

Apata Highmountain: It is over for me… you must finish this. End the foul monster, find our tribe’s relic.

Apata dies.



STAGE 12: The Lair of the Beast — Dakarr has fled to his true lair, but is too weak to hide behind fog. Finish him in his lair.

New Objective: Slay Dakarr.



FINAL STAGE: Talonclaw — The foul beast is dead and the path to the Spear is open. Take up Talonclaw.

New Objective: Take Talonclaw.

Slay the Highmountain’s Bane and reclaim Talonclaw: 1/1





Dorro Highmountain: At last the monster is dead and our relic reclaimed. I can finally move on from this place… I sense your destiny is tied to that of the ancient night elf who started you on this journey. I can send you back to the city in the sky. Fight well, (name). May Talonclaw serve you well.

New Objective: Return to Dalaran.




Emmarel Shadewarden: So the Bane of the Highmountain is dead and Talonclaw is recovered. I’m sorry to hear about Apata and Wuho. They will be missed greatly in the conflict to come.


The Spear in the Shadow


1. Needs of the Hunters6. A Strong Right Hand
2. The Spear in the Shadow7. Altar of the Eternal Hunt
3. On Eeagle's Wings8. Infused with Power
4. The Unseen Path9. Tactical Matters
5. Oath of Service
Class Artifacts Questlines


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