Introduced in World of Warcraft 8.3 — the Vulpera Allied Race questline is probably the longest among the other Allied Races with 25 quests. The Vulpera is also the only allied race to date that has been rejected initially by a Warchief or Alliance leader.

Well, also the only Allied Race that made a formal request to join the Horde. Previous Allied Races were approached by the Horde with an invitation.

After Baine Bloodhoof took interim Warchief responsibilities, he was approached by Kiro to request joining the Horde as an Allied Race. Baine made the choice to reject the proposal, but allowing the Vulpera as visitors to Orgrimmar.

Kiro didn’t take no for an answer, as he and his Vulpera friends went behind Baine’s knowledge to help some of the Horde’s allies with their current problems — proving that the Vulpera can be reliable and an asset to the Horde.


  • Exalted with the Voldunai.
  • Achievement: Secrets in the Sands — Complete the Vol’dun Storylines.

Note: Most Allied Races requirements will be gone in the Shadowlands expansion.

Check out the quest videos below:


1. Guests at Grommash Hold
2. A Declaration of Intent
3. New Allies, New Problems
4. No Problem Too Small
5. Where are the Workers?
6. A Little Good Will
7. Worthwhile Repairs
8. Peon Promotions!
9. A Party in Your Honor
10. Strength and Honor
11. Job's Done
12. On The Outskirts
13. We'll Use Their Weapons
14. Explosions Always Work
15. Destroying the Source
16. Taking Out the Tidecaller
17. Threat Contained
18. Meet with Meerah
19. The Vintner's Assisstants
20. Playing to Their Strengths
21. A Particular Process
22. Fermented for the Horde
23. Sip and Savor
24. Awaiting Our Arrival
25. New Allies Among Us

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