Blizzard tested Lord Marrowgar on the PTR 3.3 servers on Thursday, October 15th.  This is the first boss in the Icecrown Citadel dungeon (10-players and 25-players versions available on normal or heroic-mode). It is a giant skeleton with a helmet. It’s not clear if this is a placeholder, as he looks like some of the trash mobs in family-size.

When you zone-in, you will see Tirion Fordring and Overlord Saurfang (Horde) or Muradin Bronzebeard (Alliance).

As soon as the event starts, Saurfang or Muradin will tell Tirion they will leave to get the Gunship above the Icecrown Citadel, and that he will await us when we get there.

You will see those skeletal constructs made off Draenei Lost Ones bones as the first wave of trash-mobs. They are known as The Damned. These hit for 2500-5500 physical damage, and occassionally hit for 11200 physical damage (critical).  As they die, they cast Shattered Bones which is an aoe that hits for 3300 – 6100 Physical damage to everyone within 15 yards.

The trash mobs located at the center, in front of the stairs to Lord Marrowgar, are incredibly crazy to handle: four Ancient Skeletal Soldiers, two Nerub’ar Broodkeepers and two Servant of the Throne (a total of eight trash mobs).

The two Servant of the Throne (Skeletal mages) must be shackled immediately by two priests. These cast frostbolts that hit by 12000 Frost damage. It’s preferrable to not do anything else but renew shackle on these, except for Heal-over-time spells.  Attack the Neru’bar Broodkeeper. These will randomly immobilize a target with a web. Players must immediately attack the webbed-player to release him, as they are unable to cast. This is critical as one of the webbed-players might be the one assigned to shackle the Servant of the Throne (skeletal mages).

Once both Nerub’ar Broodkeepers are dead, move to kill the four Ancient Skeletal Soldiers. The Servant of the Throne die last due to their massive amount of damage.

There are some skeletal giants roaming and patrolling the sides of the room. You might easily miss them behind the pillars, so be alert. They aggro from afar, and it is easy to aggro two groups.  A hunter will be very welcome to pull groups or single targets with misdirect.

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