He’s In Deep

Admiral Taylor: Agent Connelly has managed to infiltrate Garrosh’s camp in Kun-Lai! He’s been following their every move.

Connelly requested you specifically to assist him in gathering some vital intelligence.

He sent along a disguise for you. Make sure you put it on before approaching the camp! It will no doubt be heavily guarded.

He insists you will know him when you see him. Something about your keen eye for details …

Go talk to Fennie over there for a drop-off.


Meet Connelly in Kun-Lai Summit. Speak to Fennie Hornswaggle at Lion’s Landing for transportation.


Fennie Hornswaggle: Off! Well I sure am in a tizzy today. Got eighty irons in tha fire just abouts!

(Take me to Fire Camp Bataar)

Fennie Hornswaggle: Oh my. Ye must be the hero that everyone’s been tellin’ me about.

Oops, how do ye fly one o’ these things? Fer light’s sake! Ye crummy piece o’ whackery, WORK!

Sorry, I’m still gettin’ the hang o’ things ’round here.

My older sister, Hilda, told me to expect ye.

She won’t let me go down to the excavation, so I’ve become somethin’ o’ a personal assistant and chauffeur.

Anyway, I met that SI:7 agent that you brought back outta retirement.

Agent Connelly, ain’t it? That man’s got some charm … and some nerve! His sweet words made me blush ten ways out of Ironforge!

He’s out in the field now, and waitin’ fer ya special.

I’m takin’ you close ta a Horde encampment though, so you’d best be on yer guard.

Let Connelly know that Fennie’s askin’ about him!

(Find Connelly in Kun-Lai Summit: 1/1)


Cousin Goottooth: Pssssst! Hey, over here, it’s me, Agent Connelly! Don’t blow our disguise!

Cousin Goottooth: You’ve arrived just in time. From the intel I’ve gathered, Garrosh is hot on the trail of some sort of ancient mogu artifact of power.

If we can figure out what he’s after, we can stop him from getting it!

We have to act fast to gather as much information as possible.


Bugging Out

Cousin Goottooth: I’ve managed to plant a few bugs around the camp, but there could always be more.

I disguised the bugs to look like statues. They blend in perfectly with the other artifacts lying around.

Your disguise should allow you to move freely around the camp. Just don’t go near the dog and don’t linger around Garrosh! Nero and Garrosh will see through your disguise.

If you get caught I can’t help you. I can’t compromise the mission!

(Large Tent Bugged: 1/1)


Plant the Cleverly Disguised Bugs in the large tent, near the small tents, and in the supplies.


Note: On your Quest Tracker or your Inventory Bag click the [Grummle Disguise Kit]. You will see interactive icons above the tiny mogu statues in the big tent, the small tent on the left side of Garrosh, and by the crates to the south.

(Supplies Bugged: 1/1)

Nero and Garrosh walk back and forth through the camp. If they get near you, the disguise is compromised, and everyone nearby will attack you.

(Small Tent Bugged: 1/1)


Cousin Goottooth: Well done! Everyone always underestimates the little guys and it is always a grave mistake!


He Won’t Even Miss It

Cousin Goottooth: I’ve noticed Garrosh and that Reliquary blood elf carrying around some sort of journal.

The journal is never more than a stone’s throw away. It must be important!

If you can cause enough of a distraction, you may be able to swipe the journal off the table.

These yaks might just do the trick. Give one of ’em a tap and they’ll do the rest.

Just be ready to move fast!


Create a distraction in the camp and steal the Weathered Journal.


Note: Click the [Grummle Disguise Kit]. You will see the three Yaks inside Garrosh’s camp glittering with green sparkles. Hover your mouse on them and click all three Yaks. They will start running awild and tackling the Kor’kron Guards and Garrosh.

Best approach is to go behind the wagon to reach behind the big tent, and take the tablet from the table.

The dog and Garrosh can still see through your disguise if they get near you. They walk and stand in front of the table. Be careful and swift.

(Weathered Journal: 1/1)

Cousin Goottooth: What did you find?

[Weathered Journal]: “The pages of this dust-covered journal are ragged and hard to read.”

    In the one-hundred-and-seventieth year of the Thunder King’s reign, the Korune spellweavers came to Lei Shen with their greatest creation.

    A bell cast from the maker’s flesh, shaped by stars’ fire, and bound by the breath of darkest shadow. This bell, when run, could shake the world and call to the heavens.

    Taken to war, the bell’s cacophonous tones stirred the hearts of Lei Shen’s warriors. It fueled their hatred and anger, lending them strength on the field of battle. The bell’s screaming voice struck fear and doubt into the hearts of the Emperor’s enemies, sending them fleeing in his path.

    Awed by its power, the Thunder King described the instrument as “the voice of the gods,” and named it Shenqing, the Divine Bell.


Cousin Goottooth: Phew! That was a close one! I never doubted you for a minute though.

Now let me take a look at that journal …

(Operation: Shieldwall Achievement Progress: The Voice of the Gods)

Cousin Goottooth: So Garrosh is looking for something called the Divine Bell? Whatever that is, it can’t be good. I’ll get this information back to headquarters.

Excellent work! I’ll be in touch soon.


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