The Horde has infiltrated Lion’s Landing. You must rescue all surviving able hands and rally them to the front gates of Lion’s Landing to hold back the Horde reinforcements. Protect Lion’s Landing.

Scenario: Lion’s Landing

Note: A Bloodhilt Grunt and a Battlemage are attacking Daggin Windbeard. The Battlemage might cast polymorph. Attack him first, and interrupt.

Daggin Wingbeard: Some day we’re havin’, eh?

Me poor gryphons …

(Fight with us.)

Daggin Wingbeard: Let’s do this!

(1/1 Join Daggin Wingbeard)

Note: There are two Horde groups nearby by the tents. Both can be completely ignored as they aren’t part of the objectives. Jump from the side of the hill to the left and intercept the patrol coming up.

Go downstairs toward the Docks. Three Bloodhilt Grunt and one Battlemage move toward the stairs. Kill the Battlemage first to disable its polymorph.

Turn to the right going north. Don’t need to get into the boats. Ignore those. On the mini-map you will see a dialogue bubble.

There’s a group of three Grunts and one Lightsworn next. Kill the healer first.

The next group is attacking Admiral Taylor.

Admiral Taylor: They attacked our ships from below, and will advance on the keep at any moment!

We don’t have the numbers to stop them …

(Fight with us.)

Admiral Taylor: We’ll hold Lion’s Landing or die trying!

Enter the Lion’s Landing Court. On the mini-map you will see three skull icons. You must slay these three groups to continue to the next stage. There is a group of three Bloodhilt Grunts and one Bloodhilt Wolf-Sister near the gates. Kill the Shaman and its Earthbind Totem.

(1/1 South Attackers slain)

The East Attackers and the North Attackers consist of two Bloodhilt Raider, two Bloodhilt Wolf and one Bloodhilt Worlf-Sister (Shaman). Kill the shaman (casts totems), then the wolves (they stun), then the raiders.

(1/1 East Attackers slain)

(1/1 North Attackers slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: If Bloodhilt thinks a few reinforcements are going to be enough to take Lion’s Landing, he’s got another thing coming!

(We’re here to help.)

High Marshal Twinbraid: Good timing, too. Here comes the assault’s commander! Ready up, lads!

High Marshal Twinbraid stations himself behind the blockades. Look closely to the west side of the blockades. There’s a chest with a glowing icon. From time to time, players should check it out. A random chest will spawn there throughout the scenario. One of the buffs is a renew to heal yourself.

A wave of nine mobs come through the blockade: Three Raiders, One Wolf-Sister (shaman), two Wolf, Wolf-Rider Gaja and Gaja’s War-Wolf.

Ideally, kill the totems, then the Shaman, then the wolves, and then Gaja.

(1/1 Assault Commander slain)

In the fifth stage, players must gather reports from Amber, Mishka and Sully.

The mini-map reveals their location through dialogue bubble icons.

Amber Kearnen: There’s too much smoke in the air to see very far.

I can’t make out much of anything on the beach, and sniping’s useless.

(Fight with us)

Amber Kearnen: I’ll keep you covered.

(1/1 Amber’s Report gathered)

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary: Let’s get to work!

(1/1 Sully’s report gathered)

Mishka: I’ve done all I can for the wounded here. Twinbraid has all the bodies he’ll get.

I’m defending the injured … unless you have a better plan?

(Fight with us.)

Mishka: Time to operate.

(1/1 Mishka’s report gathered)


When you return to the area you talked earlier to High Marshal Twinbraid, you will notice three green arrows hovering on the ground. Looking closely, you’ll notice three transparent weapon racks. Click them to enable them.

Players gain a new ability icon onscreen. The Boomstick stuns enemies. The Reaver Bombs do AOE damage and stuns (Tip: throwing these after a player uses the Boomstick causes 50% additional damage). The Rockets disorient the targets.

Players must click all three to continue to the next stage.

  • 1/1 Reaver Bombs placed
  • 1/1 Boomsticks placed
  • 1/1 Rockets placed

This stage makes this scenario kinda unique. The final boss will be random each time you play this scenario. So far I have seen a Blood Elf battlemage. The second run I faced a Tauren mounting a Kodo.

High Marshal Twinbraid: Be ready! They’ll charge any moment now.

Here they come! HOLD FAST!

    Note: The objective of this final stage is to Hold the Line.

    There are three waves, and the final Horde Commander encounter.

    • 0/1 Wave One slain
    • 0/1 Wave Two slain
    • 0/1 Wave Three slain
    • 0/1 Horde Commander slain

The first wave has eight Bloodhilt Grunt, One Dreadguard Cavalry (Forsaken on steed), and two Bloodhilt Lightsworn.

Kill the two Lightsworn healers, then the grunts, then the Dreadguard.

(1/1 Wave One slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: That’s how we do it, lads! Here comes more!

(1/1 Wave Two slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: Keep on fighting, lads! DON’T GIVE UP!

The third wave has five elite Deathguard Cavalry, and two Bloodhilt Grunt. Kill the grunts first (non-elite).

This wave can be a pain in the neck. All five Deathguard Cavalry charge and stun. Keep them rooted if possible, and stay within melee range to prevent the charge/stun.

(1/1 Wave Three slain)

High Marshal Twinbraid: This is it! Their final assault! FOR LION’S LANDING!

Note: In my encounter, Thaumaturge Saresse spawned (random boss). With her came six Bloodhilt Grunt, and two Bloodhilt Battlemage.

Get rid of the Battlemage first. You don’t want to be polymorphed and spanked by nine mobs. I didn’t see much of trouble fighting this boss. The Tauren boss was more of a challenge.

(1/1 Horde Commander slain)

(Scenario Complete! Lion’s Landing)