They Rely On Numbers

Ligra the Unyielding: Thunderlord spend their days training to hunt as a team, but as individuals they are weak. Their only strength is in numbers.

As we move up through the Daggermaw Ravine, slay any Thunderlord who stand in your way, and their clan will be made the weaker for it.


Quest Objectives

Slay 15 Thunderlord at Daggermaw Ravine in Frostfire Ridge.



Kal’gor the Honorable: Many orcs have fallen trying to prove themselves against the might of the gronn. Signs of their passing litter the stones below us.



Kal’gor the Honorable: A fine headcount, commander.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Ga’nar’s Vengeance.

1.Ga'nar's Vengeance4.Wrath of Gronn
2.Let's the Hunt Begin!5.The Eldest
3.Leave Nothing Behind6.To the Garrison
Below: These quests aren't necessary to complete the achievement. These are quests found at Daggermaw Ravine
7.They Rely On Numbers8.Articles of the Fallen
Below -- These quests are unlocked at the Garrison after completing Ga'nar's Vengeance
9.Farseer's Rock13.In the Shadow of Giants
10.Eaters of the Elements14.The Ascent
11.A Child of Fury15.Fury of Frostfire
12.Eatercology16.Ours is the Fury