Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker: We are keeping a close eye on Legion movements at Faronaar in Azsuna. Our intel suggests that a high-ranking lieutenant, possibly the dreadlord Balnazaar himself, masterminds the attacks in that region. This may be our chance to strike a blow at the Legion’s leadership. Vindicator Boros commands our forces at the front. He would welcome your help, Highlord.



Quest Objectives

Speak to Vindicator Boros along Old Coast Path.



Vindicator Boros: Excellent, Highlord. You’ve arrived.



To Faronaar


1. A Sign from the Sky
2. Falling Star
3. The Bringer of Light
4. Light's Charge
5. Goddess Watch Over You
6. In the House of Light and Shadow
7. Awakenings
8. Meeting of the Silver Hand
9. The Highlord's Command
10. To Faronaar
11. This is Retribution
12. Communication Orbs
13. Mother Ozram

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