Justicar Julia Celeste: The fiendish imps in this region are an incessant pain on our allies defending the camps below. They are the spawn of a wicked imp-mother named Mother Ozram, who has been seen on a hill to the south. Destroy her, and we will end her brood as well.



Quest Objectives

Kill Mother Ozram.

Mother Ozram



Justicar Julia Celeste: Good riddance.


Mother Ozram


1. A Sign from the Sky
2. Falling Star
3. The Bringer of Light
4. Light's Charge
5. Goddess Watch Over You
6. In the House of Light and Shadow
7. Awakenings
8. Meeting of the Silver Hand
9. The Highlord's Command
10. To Faronaar
11. This is Retribution
12. Communication Orbs
13. Mother Ozram

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