Levantus is a World Quest Kraken Boss found between Oceanus Cove and Isle of the Watchers. Southern Azsuna. This boss requires around 15 players (ideally 4 healers). This boss sports round 431 million health.

He summons multiple tornados on the water that do a lot of damage and silences the player. In addition, like the Lurker Below, he will spout water in a 360 degree motion knocking back whoever gets hit, and causing damage about three times.



From the combat log, these are Levantus spells and abilities: Turbulent Vortex, Electrify hits for 347,832 Nature. His Rending Whirl does 114,715 Physical damage.

If you are a Melee DPS wearing Plate Armor, don’t overdo your DPS and aggro: 914,696 Physical damage.



The World Quest reward for killing him is 696 gold 84 silver — but that’s just the loser’s bounty. So far I have seen only two players get loot. Levantus spawns within 2 minutes. So get out of the way after his demise.



This is the highest item level I have seen in an outdoor boss reward. Not even your first Order Hall Armor Set gets to be this high. Tops you can go is item 840 with those, until after you raid.

Chum-Chopper Gauntlets860Plate Gloves
Fel-Scented Bait860Blood Relic
Hook-Fingered Gauntlets860Mail Gloves
Krakentooth Necklace860Amulet
Ring of Deep Sea Pearls860Ring
Seaweed "Leather" Mitts860Leather Hands
Whirlpool Gloves860Cloth Gloves