Vindicator Boros: Anger seethes within me like smoldering coals. One stoke, and that anger will flare into a roaring flame. The Legion’s attack on Exodar was just the motivation I needed. Highlord, I’ve watched my brethren die for the last time. Now, I will be the one who does the killing. I WILL have justice! Help me, Highlord, and slay any demons you encounter in lower Faronaar.



Quest Objectives

Kill 20 demons in lower Faronaar.



Burning Hellion: Hmm… medium or well-done?

Grim Inquisitor: I don’t need you alive to know your secrets.



Vile Doombringer: The Legion conquers all.

Vile Doombringer: Succulent marrow. Crunchy bones.

Mo’arg Crusher: Taste my blade.



Burning Hellion: I’ll burn your kneecaps off.

Burning Hellion: Help! Baddies here!

Mo’arg Crusher: You’re no match for me.



Vindicator Boros: Glorious. Highlord, our scouts report that Balnazaar is in this valley. We can corner him if we act quickly!



Justicar Julia Celeste: Wait. We don’t know the strength of our enemy. Who knows what you’re rushing into? Boros! Every man and woman in our order would sacrifice themselves for the greater good, but we won’t get anywhere without a plan.


This is Retribution


1. A Sign from the Sky
2. Falling Star
3. The Bringer of Light
4. Light's Charge
5. Goddess Watch Over You
6. In the House of Light and Shadow
7. Awakenings
8. Meeting of the Silver Hand
9. The Highlord's Command
10. To Faronaar
11. This is Retribution
12. Communication Orbs
13. Mother Ozram

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