Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker: The Light’s Heart will be safe within our order’s walls, but it bears dark tidings. We should gather the leaders of our order for a council. Go and speak to Lady Liadrin, Vindicator Boros, Justicar Julia Celeste, Arator the Redeemer, and Aponi Brightmane. We should seek their wisdom for the days ahead.



Quest Objectives

Speak to Lady Liadrin, Vindicator Boros, Justicar Julia Celeste, Arator the Redeemer and Aponi Brightmane.



Lady Liadrin: The Order of the Silver Hand is reborn. Its new leaders will not let it fall.

(Your counsel is requested.)

Lady Liadrin: Yes, a council of war is a good idea. The Legion’s forces are spreading across the Broken Isles. We must not lose our foothold here!



Aponi Brightmane: Every day I learn more about the Light and its purpose in this world. And yet, I am still so far from the truth.

(Your counsel is requested.)

Aponi Brightmane: Of course, Highlord. I will speak my mind. The path of Light is righteous and just. Whatever our means, let them remain virtuous.



Vindicator Boros: Long have I stood this vigil, (Name). I am tired of watching and waiting. The time to strike is now, or we will lose everything.

(Your counsel is requested.)

Vindicator Boros: Finally, Highlord, you will hear my words. We should focus our efforts on hunting down the dreadlord Balnazaar. It’s time for retribution!



Arator the Redeemer: I have always felt drawn to the Light. Perhaps because this was my father’s calling as well, and I wished to follow in his footsteps.

(Your counsel is requested.)

Arator the Redeemer: I heard rumors that we recovered a message from my father. Are my parents alive?



Justicar Julia Celeste: We ride together.

(Your counsel is requested.)

Justicar Julia Celeste: Very well, Highlord. I will give an accurate account of our army and our operations.




Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker: Thank you for gathering everyone together.


Meeting of the Silver Hand


1. A Sign from the Sky
2. Falling Star
3. The Bringer of Light
4. Light's Charge
5. Goddess Watch Over You
6. In the House of Light and Shadow
7. Awakenings
8. Meeting of the Silver Hand
9. The Highlord's Command
10. To Faronaar
11. This is Retribution
12. Communication Orbs
13. Mother Ozram

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