Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: The leaders of the Silver Hand have gathered. Listen to their counsel.



Quest Objectives

Listen to the leaders of the council.



Lady Liadrin: Is it true that Turalyon is alive?

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Alive… we think. It appears his army suffered a great defeat at the hands of the Legion.

Aponi Brightmane: By the Light… what does that mean for Azeroth?



High Exarch Turalyon: Arator. Son.

Vindicator Boros: The vessel… it senses young Arator’s presence!

High Exarch Turalyon: If you can hear this, I have an important message. For ages, I have hunted the Burning Legion across the stars. In retribution Balnazaar has been sent to Azeroth to destroy all that I hold dear. You must gather defenders of the Light, Arator. Keep the Light alive. Fight, or ALL is lost. Farewell, son. Do not lose faith, for it is in the darkest moments that the light shines brightest.



Arator the Redeemer: You heard my father. We must act!

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Agreed, Arator. Brothers and sisters, the time to stand united is now. We must follow the Highlord’s leadership more than ever. What will it be, Highlord? What should we do next?


Final message received: 1/1

Speak to Tyrosus and choose a strategy.


Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Arator is right. Turalyon and Alleria went to great lengths to send us this warning. Highlord, we look to you. What should we do?

  • (Hunt the dreadlord, Balnazaar.)
  • (Seek allies under the Light.)
  • (Defend against the demon invasions.)
  • (Procure supplies for the army.)


Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Excellent thinking, Highlord. We should attack the problem at its source – their leader, Balnazaar.



Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Our mission is clear, but what are our next steps?


The Scion’s Legacy


1. A Sign from the Sky
2. Falling Star
3. The Bringer of Light
4. Light's Charge
5. Goddess Watch Over You
6. In the House of Light and Shadow
7. Awakenings
8. Meeting of the Silver Hand
9. The Highlord's Command
10. To Faronaar
11. This is Retribution
12. Communication Orbs
13. Mother Ozram

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