In the Shadow of Giants

Farseer Drek’Thar: The goren and the magnaron are ravaging the element spirits and smelting their essence as one would smelt steel.

Find them, and free them.

Draka and I will make our way to the Ascent of Frostfire. Meet us there if you are successful.


Quest Objectives

Rescue Flamrog and Kindler.



Farseer Drek’Thar: You have done well, (class).

Perhaps you should hold on to that fire totem a bit longer. You did the work to gather these children together. It should be your hand that helps free them when the time is right.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: Ga’nar’s Vengeance.

1.Ga'nar's Vengeance4.Wrath of Gronn
2.Let's the Hunt Begin!5.The Eldest
3.Leave Nothing Behind6.To the Garrison
Below: These quests aren't necessary to complete the achievement. These are quests found at Daggermaw Ravine
7.They Rely On Numbers8.Articles of the Fallen
Below -- These quests are unlocked at the Garrison after completing Ga'nar's Vengeance
9.Farseer's Rock13.In the Shadow of Giants
10.Eaters of the Elements14.The Ascent
11.A Child of Fury15.Fury of Frostfire
12.Eatercology16.Ours is the Fury