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Hello everyone, and welcome to this final part of my Legion theory for the Artifacts. As only 3 class are missing on the list, this week will be focused on the Monks, Druids and Demon Hunters. I hope you have enjoyed reading that crazy big theory (even with some issues with the website, for that I would apologies). Once again I would thanks Nobbel87 for his help since when I started to wrote the draft of the first part he was also working on its own video about the “Possible Arfifact for Legion” and I can just highly recommend his video (strange fact, most of the artifacts were the same when we shares our notes).

You can find the previous part on the links just below, until I make an ultimate article gathering all the parts into an unique one.

WARNING: You are about to enter in the SPOILER ZONE. In this area, the events of the expansion will be put forward, a huge part of this article is based on quotes from developers during the presentation of Legion and with also some personal speculation. If you want to have the full surprise when the time comes, please wait outside 😀.

  • Brewmaster

    Usually, when we talk about Brewmasters, the first one to come in our mind is Chen Stormstout, the first Pandaren that Warcraft III player met during the campaign, pictured with his Staff and Keg Brew, travelling the world in the search of new ingredients for his brew. I guess you've got the idea, in my opinion Chen will give his weapons (even if he doesn't consider them as this) to Brewmaster players in order to defeat the Legion.  As for the customization of the keg, we know that other races like the Dwarves or even the Ogres brew their own beer, so instead of a Panda faced keg, we could have other variations.



    The legendary staff of Shaohao, the last Emperor of Pandaria, Sheilun, Staff of the Mists. Mistweaver Monks will return to Pandaria looking for this staff to fight the forces of the Burning Legion. It was already confirmed during Gamescom 2015 when Legion was revealed.

    This legendary staff was used by the last emperor of Pandaria to shroud his homeland in mist, and it resonates with his everlasting legacy of wisdom and perseverance.


    The different versions ofSheilun, Staff of the Mists



    This specialization is mostly associated with the White Tiger Xuen, it's possible to imagine Windwalker players asking permission to one of the spirit of Pandaria for his strength with Fist Weapons like The Fists of Fury  from Mont Hyjal or Spirit of Eskhandar from Zul'Gurub that could transform the player into a powerful beast. 

    Xuen the White Tiger

    Will the mighty Tiger give some of his power to the players?

  • Balance

    The Scythe of Elune would make a perfect Artifact for Balance Druids. She had inadvertently transformed into Worgens the Druids using it. Those Worgens were banished to the Emerald Dream by Malfurion but later invoked using the Scythe. This weapon has a great history behind it, it was mentioned for the last time during the events of Cataclysm in Gilneas.

    Like other prodigious weapons of Druids, it is possible that the scythe will have a direct influence on the Moonkin form by offering many forms.

    Scythe of Elune


    The Fangs of the First Nightsaber will be the weapons for the druids using the feline form. Unlike other artifacts, this one would change literally the appearance of the druid from depending of the version of the fangs they'll pick. So far we know that there will be a normal and spectral appearance but Blizzard promise a lot of updates for the Druids.

    Fangs of the First Nightsaber


    This specialization is associated with the Bear form, an Artifact linked to the demi-gods Ursoc and Ursol is highly possible. During the events of Wrath of the Lich King, players were asked in the Grizzly Hills to kill Ursoc, the Bear God in a quest. After defeating him you would released his cleansed spirit. Like others demi-gods in the Warcraft franchise (Goldrinn for example) we can imagine a return of the Bear or of its brother.

    Ursol and Ursoc befriended generations of night elves and humans. During the War of the Ancients, Ursoc and Ursol were the first to answer the call of Cenarius to combat the Burning Legion. They clashed with the demons, were eventually overwhelmed by fel stalkers, and died defending the land*.

    Ursoc & Ursol



    A weapon used many times during the Third War, the Horn of Cenarius was first used by Tyrande to wake up Malfurion from his long slumber and a second time by himself to destroy Archimonde with the help of the forces of Nature during the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

    According to legend, this powerful item had the power to call upon the spirits of all night elves. Although Cenarius normally kept his horn for himself, he loaned it to others on occasion. According to tales, the horn has other powers besides awakening the night elves. A rumor hints that the horn's bearer will gradually be turned into a night elf if he carries it for long, but as only night elves have possessed this item for any length of time, this legend cannot be substantiated*.

    Horn of Cenarius

    The Horn used by Malfurion during the cinematic of Warcraft III

  • Demon


    According to the Legion official website, the Vengeance specialization will be a new tank specialization. During the presentation of the expansion so far there was no weapons in the hands of the Demon Hunters of this spec. I believe that unlike the Havoc Demon Hunters, Vengeance ones will not have an Arfitact properly speaking, but more of a powerful demon to their biding, remember that DH in their quest for power bind demons to them so they can become even more powerful and with more power, the side effects of the character can be more important.

    Male Vengeance


    With the introduction of Demon Hunters, a new type of weapons will be added ingame, the Warglaives. Even if players would love to have the Warglaives of Azzinoth in their hands, it is very unlikely it will be so since Illidan will be there too and wouldn't be happy to see someone else with his weapons. During the presentation of Legion at GamesCom 2015 a few glimpse of the future warglaives was showed.

    Artefact warglaives

    According to the slide, this will be the PvP version of the Warglaives

    You can have a better view of the Demon Hunters Warglaives by watching the World of Warcraft Expansion Unveiling at Gamescom video at 1:00:07.

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