Artifact Theory

Greetings everyone. With BlizzCon getting closer each day, we wanted to give you some World of Warcraft content while waiting for Legion’s beta. So I decided to start my little brain to search for some ideas on which Artifacts would be the more appropriate for each class.

Of course, during the Legion’s presentation at GamesCom a few of them have been already announced but not all of them. So starting today and every Friday I’ll give you my thoughts on which Artifacts players could get during their adventure on the Broken Shores.

Before that, I would like to thanks Nobbel (if you love Warcraft lore, you should check his videos. They are great!), for his suggestions about some of them, especially the warlocks which I’ll reveal in a few weeks. So enjoy and tell us what do you think about those theories!

WARNING, you are about to enter in the SPOILER ZONE. In this area, the events of the expansion will be put forward, a huge part of this article is based on quotes from developers during the presentation of Legion and with also some personal speculation. If you want to have the full surprise when the time comes, please wait outside 😀

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Benjamin Vogt

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