Hello everyone, and welcome to this final part of my Legion theory for the Artifacts. As only 3 class are missing on the list, this week will be focused on the Monks, Druids and Demon Hunters. I hope you have¬†enjoyed reading that crazy big theory (even with some issues with the website, for that I would apologies). Once again I would thanks Nobbel87 for his help since when I started to wrote the draft of the first part he was also working on its own video about the “Possible Arfifact for Legion” and I can just highly recommend his video (strange fact, most of the artifacts were the same when we shares our notes).

You can find the previous part on the links just below, until I make an ultimate article gathering all the parts into an unique one.

WARNING: You are about to enter in the SPOILER ZONE. In this area, the events of the expansion will be put forward, a huge part of this article is based on quotes from developers during the presentation of Legion and with also some personal speculation. If you want to have the full surprise when the time comes, please wait outside 😀.

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