Warlords of Draenor – Frostfire Ridge Rare Elite Guide

This is a list of all the Rare Elite Mobs found throughout Frostfire Ridge in Warlords of Draenor. Click the navigation menu to the left to see a photo and video of each Rare Elite.

  • breathless

    Breathless is located in a complicated spot, but I'll give you a route where to find him. If you were standing on the frozen lake beneath the Bladespire Fortress's bridge (Bladespire Ravine) -- and go east in a straight line, you can find Breathless. Watch the video to get an orientation of where to find him easily. He is south of the Bladespire Fortress and west of the Mor'dul Tower (the one with time-warp distortions).


    Garrison Resources x 10-20

    Stolen Breath: Turns your Breath to Ice.

  • broodmother-reegak

    Broodmother Reeg'ak is a big Goren. She can be found inside Reeg'ak's Nest -- a cave southwest of the Gate of the Breakers. North of the Crackling Fields.


    Garrison Resources x 13


  • canyon-icemother-oasis-waterking

    The Canyon Icemother can be found on the western side of the Daggermaw Ravine. She is belly up breast-feeding four Daggermaw Icegazers. In addition, Canyon Icemother is actually the Oasis Waterking required for "The Frostwind Slayer" achievement.

  • chillfang

    Chillfang is a giant bat located at Frostcave in the Glacier Bay. That cave is located near the crashed juggernaut southwest of your Garrison.


    Garrison Resources x 15



  • cindermaw

    Cindermaw is part of "The Frostwind Slayer" Achievement. His encounter is a vignette, similar to how a dungeon boss might behave. Shortly after engaging him, he will burrow and appear at another random location within The Boneslag.

    It is recommended to kill all the mobs around the lava pools before engaging Cindermaw to prevent aggro during the encounter. Use the "Call to Arms" ability once you engage him to lower his health the most you can. Use stun and interrupt abilities whenever possible to prolong damage on him before he burrows.

    The Boneslag is the trench north of Stonefang Post in the map. Cindermaw is found on the western side of The Boneslag by the lava pool.

  • coldstomp-the-griever

    Coldstomp the Griever is a huge clefthoof found at the Forbidden Glacier. He is on a frozen lake with lots of Clefthoof skeletons and corpses. Seems a Clefthoof boneyard. You can reach this place by taking the road from Stonefang Outpost toward Wor'gol. It's east of Wor'gol.

  • coldtusk

    Coldtusk is a giant boar that patrols from north to south the Shivering Trench -- large canyon found east of your garrison, between your Garrison and Grom'gar.

  • cyclonic-fury

    Cyclonic Fury is an Air Fury Elemental escorted by six Air Fury minions. Cyclonic Fury can be found patrolling the Southwind Cliffs -- south and southeast of Grom'gar.

  • firefury-giant

    In the map, you will find a lava river going down a mountain just northeast of Grom'gar. That is named: The Bleeding Mountain. Climb the left side of the lava river to the top. You will see some sort of runestone with a flame floating above it. When clicking the stone, the Firefury Giant will awaken.

    He has 245K health, and he won't move from his position. There is a series of stones around him in a spiral formation. You must stand on these to prevent damage from the lava which is 10,000 damage per tick. Kinda brutal considering you might have around 65,000 health (rogue). You might want to bring at least three people to help. All should use Call to Arms. He might cast on the ground on the stone you are standing on. Move away. That is as far as I could get before dying.

  • Seems to be a super rare elite vulture. I stood there a long time and checked often without seeing a respawn. Gargantuan Frostbeak spawns at Tor'goroth's Tooth. The tiny isle far north of Daggermaw Ravine in Frostfire Ridge. He hovers above the pond, in front of the lava waterfall.
  • giantbane

    Giantbane is a massive Clefthoof roaming The Crackling Plains. Five Thunderlord orcs sit on her back. During the fight, they will dismount and attack you. Kill Giantbane first with Call to Arms. Some of the orcs will die to your troops. Giantbane spawns near the base of Grombolash if someone else kills it before you.

  • giant-slayer-kul-aka-kull-bloodseeker

    Giant-Slayer Kul is a Thunderlord orc found at Coldsnap Bluffs -- located west of Grombolash. He is actually Kulle Bloodseeker for The Frostwind Slayer Achievement.


    Garrison Resources x 15

    Giantstalker's Guile

  • gom

    Gom roams the northern side of The Crackling Plains. He is level 100 elite.

  • gorgak

    Gor'gak is an elite goren. He can be found at the northernmost area of Magnarok standing by a pool of lava.
  • grutush-the-pillager

    Grutush the Pillager can be found inside a cave by the coast, west of the crashed juggernaut in Frostfire Ridge. The cave is sorta behind a mountain near the shore.


    Garrison Resources x 17


  • gruuk

    Gruuk is only spawning before you build your Garrison. It is recommended to grab him right away after starting the quests with Durotan upon arrival on Frostfire Ridge. Gruuk can be found about 200 yards east of the Garrison's bonfire. Watch the video to find out the exact location.

  • gurun

    Gurun (Son of Skog) can be found inside the Lowland Cave at The Burning Glacier -- west of your Garrison. He is surrounded by 15 Frostfire Gronnling. A sixteenth stands outside by the cave's entrance. After a while it moves back inside -- so make sure to kill that one first. You can pull individual gronnlings, or two at a time in some cases when they are too close to avoid. Once you have killed a few, pull Gurun in the direction of the entrance so that you prevent further aggro of Frostfire Gronnlings. Use your "Call to Arms" and take him down swiftly.

  • jehil-the-climber

    Jehil the Climber is found atop the bones of the fallen Colossal at Grombalash. To reach him, go to the Gate of the Breaker. The mountain side there has 5 levels of ledges. Climb up to the fifth one and head west. You will find a Rappelling Anchor at the top. For now it doesn't seem to do anything. Just climb down on foot. Try to reach the top of the skeleton at Colossal's Fall.

    Behind a pillar you will find Jehil the Climber sleeping. It might be a good idea to pull him afar from where he stands. There are some Rylaks flying too close for anyone's taste.

  • pale-fishmonger

    Pale Fishmonger can be found inside a cave by the coast of the Southwind Cliffs. His cave is east of Wor'gol. There is a road by the edge of the cliff that goes down to the sea level, leading to his cave. Watch the video.



  • primalist-murog

    Primalist Mur'og is well hidden in the mountains. To find him, go to the Crackling Plains and then enter the Daggermaw Ravine. Once you reach the upper platforms of the canyon -- take the southern platform. You will find an interactive runestone which opens a page. Keep heading west until you find another runestone by a lava pool. Shortly ahead you will find another runestone at a ramp. Go uphill through the ramp until you reach the end high in the mountain. Primalist Mur'og awaits you there. Don't forget to stand next to the Shamanstone to get the fire blessing as a bonus to finding this hidden rare elite.

  • scout-goreseeker

    Scout Goreseeker is a Thunderlord orc found inside a building at Iron Waystation, deep within the Wolf Stand. This location can be found on the eastern side of Frostfire Ridge, before the road leading to the Iron Siegeworks; and east of Grom'gar.

  • gom Shog is a level 100 elite that roams the eastern side of The Crackling Plains.

  • the-beater

    The Beater is an Ogron found inside a cave by The Circle of Blood. The Circle of Blood is a bit north of the Bladespire Fortress. There are two towers at the Circle of Blood. Igrim the Resolute is on the biggest tower. Across the road, in front of her tower, is a smaller tower. You can find The Beater's cave behind that small tower.

  • the-bone-crawler The Bone Crawler is burrowed by default. He can be found at the Refuse Pit in Magnarok (Frostfire Ridge).

  • yaga-the-scarred

    Yaga the Scarred has two boar minions. She can be found at the Daggermaw Ravine, on the northern platform of the canyon. On the map, she is by the "i" in Rav"i"ne.


    Garrison Resources x 10-20


Note: During my journey through Alpha, I stumbled upon KayDeeThree from WoWpedia who linked me to the Frostfire Ridge Vignettes list for the few rare elite I was missing: (Gruuk, Jehil the Climber, the Gargantuan Frostbeack, and The Bone Crawler). Special thanks.

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