World of Warcraft Dungeon – Dire Maul


Level 55-60

5 Player limit

Built long ago by Queen Azshara’s followers. the ancient. magical city of Eldre’Thalas was the center for the highborne’s arcane research. Thousands of years have passed since the destruction of the Well of Eternity. and the broken city’s three wings have been overrun by ghostly Highborne. satyr and ogres. Now known as the Dire Maul. only the most daring party of adventurers can enter this dungeon and face the ancient evils within.

Built twelve thousand years ago by a covert sect of night elf sorcerers, the ancient city of Eldre’Thalas was used to protect Queen Azshara’s most prized arcane secrets. Though it was ravaged by the Great Sundering of the world, much of the wondrous city still stands as the imposing Dire Maul. The ruins’ three distinct districts have been overrun by all manner of creatures – especially the spectral highborne, foul satyr and brutish ogres. Only the most daring party of adventurers can enter this broken city and face the ancient evils locked within its ancient vaults.

Cautiously, I crept through the verdant growth of Feralas, edging ever-closer to the towering walls peering through the trees. I remained hidden, careful to keep the horns of my feline shape from tangling in the undergrowth. There, dusky skin stark against the lush green of the woods, stood the Gordok ogres.

I had been sent here by the Sage to discover what happened to Eldre’Thalas, the once-formidable night elven vault of arcane secrets. The forest eventually reclaims everything built within its clutches, and the crumbling, vine-draped walls were simple proof that the same was happening here.

Still, despite the green’s steady encroachment, the stonework in many places was largely untouched – evidence of the skill that went into building this place. The night elves expended a great deal of effort to preserve the knowledge within its walls, and greater energy still to keep it there. As I stalked the edge of Eldre’Thalas, watching the Gordok squatting on the ancient ruins, remembering the whispers of ghostly Highborn haunting the locked passages, and smelling the stench of demonic magic in the air, it was certain to me that bringing to light the long-lost treasures of what is now Dire Maul would no doubt be a challenge for even the most skilled of adventurers.

My scouting done, I turned away, heading back to camp to prepare my companions . . .

Built long ago by a covert sect of Queen Azshara’s followers, this ancient city was used by these arcanists to process the Queen’s most important demands in secret. Thousands of years have passed since the destruction of the Well, and Dire Maul’s three wings have been overrun by ghostly Highborn, demons, and ogres. Only the most daring party of adventurers can enter this dungeon and face the ancient evils within.



  • We are planning on implementing the following features for Dire Maul in the next patch.
  • Dire Maul consists of three separate wings ranging in difficulty from level 56 to 60.
  • There are many ways to complete the quests located in Dire Maul, and the decisions a party makes along the way will directly influence the potential rewards.
  • In recent years, rumors have surfaced of an ancient arena within Dire Maul’s courtyard where unique creatures were once fought for sport.
  • Adventurers will find that the occupants of Dire Maul possess many rare and epic weapons, armors, and profession recipes never before seen on Azeroth.

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