Did you ever dreamed of working for Blizzard and thought what with the satisfaction and the pleasure to create awesome stuff you could received back for all the hard work done? If you are good enough, one day maybe you will received one of the many present that Blizzard gives to their employees after years of work.

From a stein after 2 years of work, you can achieved after 20 (yeah.. maybe it’s a long time but as life is) a magnificent helm!

Blizzard Service Awards Unlocked

The Service Award ceremonies are an important Blizzard tradition that began in 1996. These ceremonies recognize the dedication and commitment demonstrated by those who help Blizzard create the most epic entertainment experiences…ever. Check out our newly updated service awards page, which now features the two-year stein, new five-year swords, fifteen-year rings, and the twenty-year helm!

Want your chance to earn such amazing loot? Get a job at Blizzard Entertainment and start leveling up. Check out our Career Opportunities.



Benjamin Vogt

French Editor working for the World of Warcraft section of Blizzplanet since March 2014.

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