The Keystone | Demon Hunter

Cyana Nightglaive: (name), Brood Queen Tyranna is just ahead in the command chamber. The others already charged in. She has the Sargerite Keystone in her possession.

Finally, the object of all our sacrifice is at hand.


Quest Objectives

Kill Brood Queen Tyranna and take the Sargerite Keystone. Then, join the others down-below in the portal chamber.



Demon Hunters: Three Rare Elites in Mardum

I have seen at least three Rare Elites, who are not so rare as they respawn every few minutes — similar to Pandaria’s. It’s very important to stop questing until you get these pieces. Once you leave Mardum, it’s a one-way ticket.

  • The Pitlord General Volroth at the Soul Engine drops wrist.
  • King Voras at Doom Fortress drops a cape.
  • Overseer Brutarg at the Forge of Corruption drops a trinket.




Their Numbers are Legion | Demon Hunter

Cyana Nightglaive: Yes, those devastators must be silenced, but there’s also a great deal more to be done.

Despite the odds, we’re counting on you. The Brood Queen’s primary leaders are in control of the volcano. They must be killed. We must smash the Legion and do anything else necessary to achieve absolute victory.


Quest Objectives

Wage war upon the Brood Queen’s Court and the Burning Legion within the greater Inferno Peak area.

Their Numbers are Legion | Demon Hunter


Fel Secrets | Demon Hunter

Kor’vas Bloodthorn: The demons made a grave error inscribing their secrets into this book. The fel energy emanating from it is potent.

But there’s only enough to enact one of the rituals. After that, the book will be consumed.

It’s up to you to choose which secrets we want to use against the Burning Legion.


Quest Objectives

Read the Tome of Fel Secrets to choose between Havoc and Vengeance specializations.

Reward: Metamorphosis

Fel Secrets | Demon Hunter


The Imp Mother’s Tome | Demon Hunter

Kor’vas Bloodthorn: See this giant cave? There’s a terrifingly powerful imp mother inside.

But that’s not the good part. The good part is what she has.

Apparently, she’s some kind of keeper of fel secrets. She’s in there performing profane Legion rites and scribing them into a book.

We need that power! We need her tome!


Quest Objectives

Obtain the Tome of Fel Secrets.

The Imp Mother's Tome | Demon Hunter


Into the Foul Creche | Demon Hunter

Allari the Souleater: One of the demons that I interrogated revealed a particularly juicy bit of information. Apparently, there’s an imp mother in the volcano that scribes Legion secrets.

Kor’vas has gone out to find that demon and bring those secrets back for us.


Quest Objectives

Meet up with Kor’vas Bloodthorn at the Foul Creche.

Into the Foul Creche | Demon Hunter