Dungeon Lore from the Legion Alpha Part 1

This most recent alpha build has updated a small feature which most would overlook, but to lore fans is of great importance: the dungeon journal lore entries. Often they’re the only way to learn who non-final or pre-existing bosses in dungeons and raids are, and why we’re fighting them. Now, with the exception of a few world and Violet Hold bosses, all Legion dungeon and raid bosses have lore entries in the journal, which I will transcribe here for those curious about the enemies we’ll be facing in World of Warcraft: Legion.

Due to the number of bosses throughout Legion’s ten dungeons, I’ll be splitting this post up into a series. Today we’ll be covering the two dungeons located in Val’sharah: Black Rook Hold and Darkheart Thicket.

Suramar Exploration Video

I spent about 2-hours exploring every inch of Suramar city and outdoor locations. I found countless amount of content: treasure chests, Vignettes, Elite rare bosses, demons, Nightborne, and even deep sea content on the east coast of Suramar (Jandvik) which is occupied by the naga forces.



Suramar is even bigger than what one actually sees in the map, and I think this is the first time that Blizzard adds a zone that has so much underground content.


The western Suramar area, Falanaar, feels like Azjol-Nerub — the underground zone we never got to see in whole in Northrend. Falanaar has a huge ancient underground catacombs filled with Nerubian-Nightborne hybrids and spiders.



Felsoul Hold has various caverns and catacombs filled with demons, and ghosts. Many of these mobs are elite. These areas are definitely not for the faint of heart, and I wouldn’t recomment running through — aggroing a train of mobs.



Suramar City is vast in size and beautiful. Took me nearly an hour to explore the city and I likely missed a few spots. The city is immense considering it also has a catacombs beneath, filled with Nightborne, and also a second floor high above. Lots and lots of ground to explore.



The first quest for Suramar seems to be at Moonguard Stronghold. That’s the only one I could find. That area has been invaded by Nightborne. Not far from that area you can also find Harpies.



Suramar Exploration Video


They’re Doing it Wrong | Azsuna

Tehd Shumaker: These demon portals are terrible and sloppy. No skill or finesse in it. This physically hurts me and I haven’t felt real pain in decades. I “fixed” some of the Legion’s precious Portal Stabilizer crystals. I want you to take them and “modify” their main portal in the Ingress and watch the “hilarity” ensue.



Quest Objectives

Place 4 Sabotaged Portal Crystals.


Eye See You | Azsuna

Tehd Shumaker: There is being blind, and then there is being stupid. This eyeless wonder next to me wants to barrel into Felblaze Ingress without preparation. Bah! I say we scout it first. Here, I will provide you with an extra eye picked up from a place better left unmentioned. Enter Felblaze Ingress, investigate the area, and try not to get poked in the eye.


Quest Objectives

Use Tehd’s Eye of Kilrogg to investigate Felblaze Ingress.


Felblaze Ingress | Azsuna

Marius Felbane: It is my mission to cover the rear guard of Illidari Stand. I have employed this warlock… thing, to assist me. However, the two of us are insufficient for a task that needs doing. To the east is a mass of demons at Felblaze Ingress. These creatures have begun to open portals to summon in countless reinforcements. Meet us at Felblaze Ingress and together we can crush this fel insurgency.

Felblaze Ingress


Quest Objectives

Meet Marius Felbane at Fleblaze Ingress.


Minion! Kill Them! | Azsuna

Daglop: Per your contract you will help me gather supplies for a perfectly harmless ritual. I need feathers, and horns. Lots of horns. See those shadowmares, prowlers, and heron over there in the Olivina Rise? They should have lots of both. Oh! And I need olives. Lots of olives. One for each finger. Minion! Let’s ride!



Quest Objectives

Fulfill your part of the deal with Daglop.


Let’s Make a Deal | Azsuna

Daglop: Hey there! You seem like a guillb- err… um… “intelligent” type. I propose a deal. I need a minion to be my muscle to help me acquire a few special… “ingredients” for a ritual. In exchange, I’ll give you my former master to do with whatever you demon-slaying types do with demons. If you are interested, just sign here. In blood, please.

Let's Make a Deal


Quest Objectives

Sign Daglop’s contract.


Making the World Safe for Profit | Azsuna

Mr. Shackle: Might I ask a small favor, my friend? These creatures in the tide pools to the east are starting to frighten me. Our efforts to trade with them have been rebuffed at every turn with aggression. This is not good: neither for running a business, nor for profit. Sadly, I must admit the time for talk has come to an end. Might you be willing to serve as my representative in dealing with the denizens of Mak’rura and their “queen”? I can assure you that your efforts will be rewarded commensurately.

Making the World Safe for Profit


Quest Objectives

Kill 12 gilblin and/or makrura at Mal’rana and slay their leader, Queen Kraklaa.