World of Warcraft: Traveler #3 Pre-orders

The digital version of the upcoming World of Warcraft: Traveler #3 is coming on December 26, 2019. Pre-orders for World of Warcraft: Traveler #3 are now open.

I recommend to pre-order. The usual price is $9.99, but the pre-order price is 50% ($4.99).

There are a few noteworthy observations we can infer from the book listing:

  • The original author of the previous two books in the World of Warcraft: Traveler series: Greg Weisman, has been replaced with Madeleine Roux (ASYLUM series).
  • The second book had a subtitle: The Spiral Path. However, the third book is missing a subtitle. Maybe we might hear about it at a later time when the official front cover artwork is revealed.
  • The book description says this is the last book of the series.

One last thing I need to share with fans. A few months ago, during my attendance to the New York Comic Con 2018, I asked Scholastic senior editor Chloe Fraboni during the Q&A if there were plans to publish new books based on World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo or Overwatch.

After confirming World of Warcraft: Traveler #3 by an author she couldn’t tell anyone about, she responded: “We have some new stuff going on with Blizzard that I can’t say what property it is for. But I am really excited about it.”

So there you have it… there is a new Scholastic/Blizzard project that today is still a mystery. However, I have to point out that earlier in the NYCC 2018 Scholastic AFK Panel, she mentioned she fulfilled one of her dreams by meeting … Jeff Kaplan during her visit to the Blizzard HQ. Who knows.


Aramar Thorne and Makasa Flintwill have borne their fair share of troubles. Ever since Aram’s father entrusted him with an enchanted compass, Aram and Makasa have traveled the extraordinary lands of Azeroth, seeking out the shards of a legendary weapon: the Diamond Blade. The truth behind the weapon, and the terrible doom it seeks to prevent, seems to have been lost at sea with Captain Greydon Thorne. But not all secrets are meant to stay buried.

As the pair struggles to stay two steps ahead of Malus and the Hidden-dangerous mercenaries and sorcerers who’ll stop at nothing to gain the compass-Aram and Makasa have assembled a powerful band of their own allies. From lively goblins and fantastic creatures to mighty druids and mysterious dryads, people are drawn to the talented young artist and the formidable fighter-a fortunate fact. For in their most desperate hour, Aram and Makasa will need all the help they can get to prevent Azeroth from being plunged into eternal darkness and chaos.

This epic conclusion to the World of Warcraft: Traveler trilogy is penned by New York Times bestselling author Madeleine Roux and features stunning new artwork throughout.

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Publication Date: December 26, 2019


Blizzard Classic Games going to

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment announced the original Diablo game is now available at and that Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft II were coming to GOG soon.

This is a bold move, and a very intriguing one.

We know that multiple Diablo projects are in development, and we know that Warcraft III: Reforged is in development.

From a marketing point of view, transferring Diablo (1996) and Warcraft: Orcs and Humans + Warcraft II to GOG is a strategic decision. Right now, Diablo is listed as #1 Bestseller at GOG within just a couple of days.

8.1 Tides of Vengeance: Vol’jin | The Shadow Hunter Questline

When you complete the “Battle of Dazar’alor” quest (by defeating Jaina) — which is part of the 8.1 Tides of Vengeance questline, turn in. Later, talk to Nathanos Blightcaller at the Banshee’s Wail boat in Port of Zandalar.

Complete the follow up quests:

  1. The King’s Death
  2. The Return of Derek Proudmoore

At that point, there is no follow up quest referring you to the Vol’jin questline. However, go to Baine Bloodhoof at The Great Seal in Dazar’alor. He will give you the quest: “Wisdom of the Warchief.” This starts “The Shadow Hunter” questline.

The Pride of Kul Tiras Achievement Questline

The first quest in the Pride of Kul Tiras achievement questline is obtained when Alliance players complete the Loremaster of Kul Tiras achievement which entails finishing the story quests in Drustvar, Tirigarde and Stormsong Valley.

The Pride of Kul Tiras questline sets the player into searching for Lady Jaina Proudmoore, last seen when her mother Katherine allowed Lady Ashven to take her into custody and to arrange her fate.

The questline culminates with the Siege of Boralus, and Katherine welcoming Lady Jaina and the Alliance. A requirement to unlock the Kul Tiran Allied Race.

Check out my quest videos list if you need help completing the “Loremaster of Kul Tiras” achievement.

Below is the list of quest videos for The Pride of Kul Tiras.

Activision Blizzard Layoffs 8% of its Employees

While the Activision Blizzard Q4 2018 conference was taking place, Blizzard Entertainment president J. Allen Brack announced this: “To better support these priorities, we need to reorganize some of our non-development teams. As a result, we will be reducing the number of non-development positions in North America and anticipate a related process in our regional offices over the coming months subject to local requirements.

I need to criticize the term used there. Non-development positions. I have parroted the same term in my previous article and even in Twitter, and I apologize for doing so. It is wrong.

Through my Twitter feed of 500+ Blizzard Entertainment employees, and a separate feed of over a 100 former employees, I have been able to list nearly 40 confirmed layoffs.

Among them, there are Community Managers, Quality Assurance (QA), eSports staff, artists, marketing, licensing, Public Relations, and Creative writers.

That’s just 40 that have been mentioned under my radar. There are countless who possibly don’t have a Twitter account, or that have departed silently.

Activision Blizzard 2018 Q4 Transcript

The most dramatic part of the recent conference call is that Activision Blizzard plans to layoff 8% of its employees, which confirms the recent Kotaku leak.

However, that percent can be misleading in terms of the amount of employees to be laid off per studio. Activision Blizzard is composed of Activision (with a big umbrella of IPs and studios), King (Candy Crush), and Blizzard Entertainment.

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