WoW PTR 7.3.2 – Antorus Raid Quest: The Burning Throne

The Antorus Raid Quest is now available in the PTR. This quest will unlock access to the raid. Currently, the location where you would zone-in into the raid is blocked by rocks. As soon as you accept the quest, a cutscene is unlocked, showing the Vindicaar ship blasting through rocks to open a way into Antorus. The portal becomes visible after this cutscene, allowing players to zone-in into the raid dungeon.

After completing the quest, Velen provides the next quest which requires you to defeat the World-Soul: “The Death of a Titan.” In addition, I checked the Dungeon Journal. The Argus the Unmaker Overview and story is now available in the Dungeon Journal. Read the Spoiler below.


  • Move into Gift of teh Sky or Gift of the Sea to gain the power of Golganneth. However, make sure you always move into the same one, as the effects are mutually exclusive!

  • If you are afflicted by Soulbomb, move to the Avatar of Aggramar to avoid being killed by Soulbomb Detonation.

  • Collect the Motes of Titanic Power while you are a ghost to empower Khaz'goroth, enabling him to cast Titanforging.


  • Alternate tanks on Argus to minimize Sweeping Scythe damage.

  • If you are made the Avatar of Aggramar, you will need to protect players afflicted by Soulbomb so they are not killed by Soulbomb Detonation.

  • Constellar Designates equipped with Sword of the Cosmos and Blades of the Eternal should be tanked (Melee Attack damage increased by 300%). Additionally, try to keep the Designate equipped with Sword of the Cosmos away from any other designates to avoid Cosmic Power stacking too high.



WoW PTR 7.3.2 – Primal Sargerite Trader

The World of Warcraft PTR 7.3.2 introduces a new Primal Sargerite Trader NPC named Maras located within The Vindicaar in Argus. He stands next to the Master Tailor Khaela.

First thing you notice when you login into Patch 7.3.2 is a new quest (seen in the mini-map) by Maras: “The Prime Exchange.” After completing the quest (if you have Sargerite x 1), the trade window is unlocked providing profession materials for Sargerite x 1 or by 10.

    Maras: “As you’ve no doubt learned, Primal Sargerite is a precious material which yields great power when infused with items. In our fight against the Legion, we need all the power we can get our hands on. Bring me any Primal Sargerite you find and I will trade with you what I can.


TIP: Hold the right-button and choose “Open Link in New Tab” for the full-size image.


Christie Golden now a full-time Blizzard story developer

Christie Golden announced with fanfare that she is officially a full-time Blizzard Entertainment employee. This is great news for the future of the World of Warcraft franchise, and especially for the next expansion. There is a very strong vibe the next expansion will be announced at BlizzCon this November.

Originally, Christie applied for a 6-month Temp Job, back in May 2017. On July 17, Christie also announced she was writing a new World of Warcraft novel (which as of today has not been revealed).


NYCC 2017: Glenn Rane Signing Warcraft Posters

Those coming to the New York Comic Con should head to the Artists Alley at booth A8 to meet-and-greet Glenn Rane (Blizzard Entertainment Art Director). He is selling posters based on Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo and signing them for you.

“Glenn Rane is a Principle Artist at Blizzard Entertainment. If you are familiar with World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Starcraft, or Diablo, you have most likely seen his work representing the games in a variety of ways”



Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Updates

Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico UpdatesAs you might have heard, Puerto Rico is going through the toughest times since the early 1920-1930 depression, not only for the current debt, but because Hurricane Irma followed by Hurricane Maria — the latter which went straight through the Island entering from Yabucoa on the southeast coast. Over 80% of all agriculture was ruined which affects the food supply and the export economy, while in terms of infrastructure many trees, lamp posts and electric towers have fallen to the ground and blocked main roads. In other urban areas, houses are underwater even a week after the hurricane.

I have spent the past few days reading Facebook groups, US and PR news outlets, and other material for many hours a day trying to learn about the dire situation, and to help people in US and PR alike with information.

**Updated October 2**


New Blizzard Job Opening: Senior FX Artist (Unannounced Game)

Blizzard Entertainment published a new job opening for a Senior FX Artist to work with the Unannounced Game team. The page doesn’t display a date, but after running a few search tests it appears the job opening was published 21 hours ago.

The job opening is under the Unannounced Project category. This category might mean it is a new IP. How can one tell?


Samwise Didier AMA at /r/wow Sept 21 at noon

Insight Editions reached out to inform me that Senior Art Director Samwise Didier will answer questions from the community during a Reddit AMA on September 21 at 12pm PST. Whether about World of Warcraft or Heroes of the Storm, you are welcome to ask anything.

The AMA is intended as well to promote his upcoming Insight Editions book titled The Last Winter, which you can pre-order now as a hardcover or digital download.

You can find the AMA at Please, make sure to spread the word and tell your friends. Be prepared to get your socks rocked by the Panda King.

The Last Winter

From legendary Blizzard Entertainment artist Samwise Didier, The Last Winter is a lavishly illustrated epic fantasy novel.

Upon the death of Sprign, goddess and creator of the Pandyr and all other beasts in Mistgard, the island has come under attack by ruthless frost and fire giants from afar. Long fragmented, every creature in the eight clans must now come together to defend their land. Hammerheart must join with Darkcloud, Mistcloak with Thundermaw, and, most important, the children of Sprign must unite with their forgotten comrades of the ninth clan: the Bearzyrk. Led by the eldest of the Pandyr, the clans make their way to the Aesirmyr Peaks for a final standoff. As frost covers Mistgard, old prejudices must be overcome if the Pandyr hope to match the giants Lord Wintyr and King Sumyr in battle.

Features all-new original illustrations throughout from Blizzard Entertainment art director Samwise Didier.

Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Insight Editions (October 3, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608879240
ISBN-13: 978-1608879243



Destiny 2 (PC) Beta Impressions

After 4 days playing the Destiny 2 (PC) Beta, I feel moderately interested in playing the full game when Bungie and Blizzard Entertainment launch it on the PC on October 24.

I say moderately, because I am used to play Blizzard games thoroughly before buying their games. When you play a Blizzard game’s Beta you usually get access to most of the content that ships. In the case of Destiny 2, the Beta is limited to the initial encounter after the cinematic, a Strike encounter (what we call a dungeon), and two PvP modes. That’s it.

I am very picky with shooter games. Over 5000 hours played in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch multiplayer, and solo I have played some FarCry, Crysis, Crysis 2. Plus, Overwatch since Technical Alpha. Currently, I have 4 golden weapons which amounts to 12,000 Competitive Points. Almost half way to get my 5th.

So opening up my heart and time to a unknown shooter, it’s tough.

The first thing that impacted me of Destiny 2 was the cinematic: near-real life quality, and motion-capture facial expresions.

The graphic quality of the interior and outdoor scenes is impressive. The special effects such as explosions look awesome. There is motion blur (with an option to disable it), and when moving from a dark area into a colorful outdoor, there is color aberration.


The Kul Tiras Expansion Rumor Continues

As we’ve covered previously, files on the 7.3 PTR and the BlizzCon key art have pointed towards Kul Tiras as the setting for the next World of Warcraft expansion. On August 25th, yet another 7.3 PTR build has come up with datamined information that only deepens the mystery. According to MMO-Champion the new build removed the icons for all of the Kul Tiras armor “from the list of files that are extracted when you extract all of the interface files from the game.” What’s equally interesting was that even more icons relating to Zandalar were removed along with them. What does this mean? Well, based on a previous expansion leak via datamining, I think I know. Read past the jump to find out: