BIG SPOILERS – Avengers: End Game Explained

The Russo Brothers totally floored the audience with three-hours of Avengers: End Game action, comedy, grief, and emotions. The audience at the theater clapped, cheered, and Wow!-ed several times throughout the film where I went. Avengers: Infinity War was awesome, but End Game was at a whole new level of crazyness.

BlizzCon 2019 on November 1-2

BlizzCon 2019 returns to the Anaheim Convention Center on November 1-2. Tickets will be on sale in two waves: Saturday, May 4th; and Wednesday, May 8th at AXS.

Replacing the goody bag of previous years, every ticket purchase comes with a choice of premium BlizzCon Commemorative Collectible statue—either a human footman or orc grunt, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Warcraft.

8.2 Mechagon: Construction Projects Map

Mechagon has a daily rotation of Construction Projects that include: the Reclamation Rig, Flame Turrets, Drill Rigs, and Launch Pads. Usually, there are two Construction projects per day.

Talk to Waren Gearhart at Rustbolt (73.15 33.37) to learn what construction projects are available today.

8.2 Gift of the Dragonflights

The latest PTR 8.2 build introduced a new quest from Magni Bronzebeard. It has a placeholder that indicates a in-game cutscene will play. Not much to go on about what it entails, but the text confirms the dragonflights have returned and united to assist with the restoration of Azeroth after Sargeras’ sword wounded the world.


Magni: The work you have done to empower the Heart of Azeroth cannae be understated! With this power, we might just stand a chance o’ savin’ the world.

It’s been a long fight fer certain, and there will be more tae do. But fer now, we’ve got a little gift fer ye!

Let me know when yer ready, champion.


Speak to Magni.

8.2 Mechagon Rare Elites Map

Mechagon has several Rare Elites spread in the present timeline and in the alternate future timeline (via Chromie). Some respawn within 10-20 minutes. Others have odd respawn timers.

Some are extraordinary rare respawns like Bonepicker, and Steel Singer Freza. Some only spawn when a player summons it, or like the one in Junkwatt Depot that requires multiple players to clear the area for a rare to spawn.

Some Rare Elites spawn only during a specific Construction Project. Among them, some spawn underground. The blue dots in the map correspond to hidden cave entrances that are opened by Drill Rigs.

An easy way to track your progress is the Rest in Pistons Achievement located under the Exploration-Battle For Azeroth tab.

The numbers in the map correspond to the Rare Elite name in the table seen beneath the map image. Clicking the Rare Elite name will open a YouTube page in our channel (where available).

There is a total of 35 Rare Elites. Work in progress. This map will be updated as I find them.

8.2 Mechagon Rare Elites Map

8.2 Heart Forge – Heart of Azeroth

After completing the 8.1.5 Heart of Azeroth questline, players will get a visit by a Messenger of the Speaker: an Earthen Guardian. For the Horde, he is located at the Grand Bazaar (near the Port of Zandalar flightmaster).

He provides the quest titled Return to the Heart. This grants access to the Heart Forge.

8.2 Mechagon: Summoned Rare Elite

During the 8.2 Content Preview livestream (read the Transcript), Jeremy Feasel said the following:

This an a variety of other out-world activities awaits you in Mechagon. Similar to Nazjatar, Mechagon will also be featuring a Timeless Isle-like rare spawn system.

When you see one of those stars show up in your mini-map, it will often be one that you don’t see very often.

Some of them have a longer respawn timers, some of them are very rare or have odd or different or secret ways to get them to spawn; and you know that when you see one of those stars on your mini-map, it always have something awesome on its drop table; or at least, you have the potential to getting something awesome… unless you already have that mount.

8.2 Mechagon: Mechanocat Mount

The Mechanocat mount is obtained after a series of daily quests that start with Recycler Kerchunk.

The first daily quest is titled Shop Project, sending you to collect three items:

Once the daily quest is turned in, Recycler Kerchunk will ask you to come back tomorrow.

It is worth nothing that this first quest sends you to a Mechanocat Aficionado vendor named Cork Stuttguard to buy the Mechanobot Ignition.

8.2 Mechagon: Rustbolt Quartermaster and Pascal-K1N6

In Mechagon Island, the Alliance and Horde come together to befriend the Rustbolt Resistance. Both, Tinkmaster Overspark and Gazlowe try to gain the trust of Prince Erazmin, but he is not having any in-fighting between both factions. You must earn the trust of his people by helping them repair various systems across Mechagon Island, and assist them in the assault to his father’s city to defeat him.

Prince Erazmin

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