Warning: WoW PTR 7.3 Antoran Wastes Graveyard Bug

This is a recurring bug among PTR testers venturing into the Antoran Wastes in build 24633. First, don’t go near the bridge marked in the map below with an orange circle. That bridge leads to the Antorus raid zone, and it is crystal clear Blizzard doesn’t want you in that area. There is no giant Infernal gazing upon you as a fair warning that you will be instantly killed.

Instead, fel balls will be hurled from the lake at your character until you are killed. Divine shield won’t protect you. Even if you make it past the bridge after several deaths, I was told past the bridge has invisible walls that will also kill you.

The bug is that because this area is off-limits, you will be sent to a graveyard at the Shaper’s Rise (by the Spirit Crucible) which is not operational at the moment. Your ghost will fall through the sky beneath the ground, and you will be disconnected from the game. No work around here. You will load the game, the character ghost will start falling from the sky beneath the graveyard, and you will get disconnected. Rinse and repeat to no avail.

So learn from this, and steer away from this bridge or avoid dying in the area of the bridge or in the north. The southern graveyard works fine if you die in that area.

I have been a technical alpha, beta, and PTR tester since 2004. If you are wondering, this issue will be resolved at some point. Either in the next build or any time soon. In past experiences where my ghost falls through the world, all characters have been resurrected and moved by the developers to another location. It will just take some time. Try again everyday to find out if it’s been fixed.


SDCC 2017 Dark Horse World of Warcraft: Chronicle Book Signing

Dark Horse Comics announced their SDCC 2017 schedule, which shows Matt Burns and Robert Brooks will be signing copies of World of Wacraft: Chronicle and the Overwatch Anthology at booth 2615.

This book signing requires a wristband for entry. Come Friday and early Saturday opening (I assume around 9-10am or when the doors open) to the Dark Horse booth for drawings to get a wristband to be able to attend the signing.

The signing will take place at Booth 2615 on Saturday, July 22 at 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm

HB OVERWATCH ANTHOLOGY: Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Arnold Tsang, Michael Chu, Andrew Robinson



Speculation: The Next WoW Expansion and Christie Golden

There has been a lack of Warcraft novels lately with only World of Warcraft: Illidan (released on November 1, 2016) being the last novel thus far.

As of today, there is no novels in the horizon, and these are usually in pre-order many months in advance (8-10 months before publish date). Which means there won’t be a novel out by November 2017 (a year after Illidan).

It is hard to figure out if the slow-mo is due to the departure of Micky Neilson, Chris Metzen, and James Waugh (the core triumvirate of the Creative Team). Dave Kosak moved on to the Hearthstone team, Tom Chilton moved on to an unannounced game, Craig Amai is gone too, and the only Create Team members that I can remember are still in the team are Matt Burns and Robert Brooks.

Matt’s most recent digital comic is titled World of Warcraft: Legion #1 — Magni, Fault Lines (June 30). By the way, Magni is a central character in Patch 7.3 (Argus). So go read Fault Lines as a prelude. Matt is a long-time established writer with various short stories, but if you love the World of Warcraft: Chronicle series, you have heavily read Matt Burns and Robert Brooks storytelling.

Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: We have all that we need now, (name).

Alleria Windrunner awaits your arrival at the Seat of the Triumvirate. I have enabled a pod for you below. It will take you close enough to begin your assault on the ethereals standing in your way.

Do not go alone, my friend. You will need allies to overcome what L’ura has become and recover the Crest of Knowledge.

I will prepare the Vindicaar and await your return.



Slay L’ura and retrieve the Crest of Knowledge.


An Offering of Shadow | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: Such darkness… This energy…

(Lifting the cold, dense object closer for inspection.)

To understand the balance between Light and Shadow…

(Lifting his other hand, gently harnessing a small, radiant light.)

…is to understand that these forces are not without great opposition. The responsibility is now yours, (name). You have shown that you are ready to understand what power lies ahead.



Deliver the Essence of Shadow to the Netherlight Crucible.

An Offering of Shadow


A Beacon in the Dark | Patch 7.3

Alleria Windrunner: That… was intense.

(Alleria rubs her forehead.)

Ugh, I cannot focus. I need you to return to Velen. Give him this.

(She places something cold and dense in your palm.)

I feel as though he should have it, though I am not sure why.

Tell him all that we have learned. I am sure Romuul will have been watching our progress. With any luck a beacon is already headed our way.



Take the Remnant of Nhal’atoth to Velen on the Vindicaar.

A Beacon in the Dark


A Vessel Made Ready | Patch 7.3

Locus-Walker: After some consideration, I have decided to allow Alleria another opportunity to pursue her destiny.

I suppose you want to know what that means, mortal.

(Locus-Walker makes a noise akin to laughter.)

Meet us deep in the Shadowguard camp ahead- my brethren are preparing a summons that will provide adequate energy for Windrunner to begin again.

Witness what happens when you harness the Void’s power.



Defeat Nhal’athoth and collect his heart.

A Vessel Made Ready


The Shadowguard Incursion | Patch 7.3

Locus-Walker: As you have surely gathered by now, a certain subset of my people have tragically succumbed to the call of the Void.

I had hoped to find more who possess the necessary strength of mind. I am disappointed to find such an utter lack of resistance.

It cannot be helped. To advance your cause, and mine, we will need to eradicate these weak-willed beings.



Slay 15 Shadowguard Ethereals.

The Shadowguard Incursion


Sources of Darkness | Patch 7.3

Alleria Windrunner: I think I understand what he was trying to show us, (name).

I feel a surge of power building ahead. They must be cultivating the Void, calling it here.

We need to stop them before they plunge this entire city into shadow. Find the source and cut it off by any means necessary.

Locus Walker and I have unfinished business.



Deactivate 5 Void Harvesters.

Sources of Darkness


Throwing Shade | Patch 7.3

Alleria Windrunner: That was Locus-Walker. He taught me all that I know about the Void, and he still has more to teach me.

If he is here, then the ethereals’ presence only intrigues me further. I had thought him the only one of his kind, but now that I have seen another tangling with the Void…

Come, we must play his game if we want to learn what he knows. He appears to have gone toward the Umbra Hollows to the north.



Investigate the Umbra Hollows with Alleria and Locus-Walker.

Throwing Shade