Southern California Legion Launch Signing Event!

Blizzard Entertainment announced plans for the World of Warcraft: Legion Launch event in Santa Ana, California. Further details may be found here.

California residents, get ready to perambulate (or hitch a ride) over to the Esports Arena in Santa Ana to celebrate the launch of Legion at a special signing event Monday, August 29! Beginning 5pm through 8pm PDT, World of Warcraft developers will be on hand to sign your Legion box, mousepads, T-shirts, and more. The line will be cut off at 8pm, so make sure you’re there in time to get your signatures.

Come to the event early* to purchase the expansion on location at our pop-up store. The store opens at 4pm, and we’ll have both standard edition and Collector’s Edition boxes on hand, along with a few other Legion-themed goodies to purchase—though keep in mind all supplies are limited.

Both the store and signing** lines are separate, so make sure you allow yourself enough time to make any purchases at the store you’d like before you join the signing line.

But Wait, There’s More!

Food Trucks and Concessions: To make sure you don’t go hungry, you’ll be able to purchase tasty fare from the concession counter at the venue (cash only) or the nearby food trucks that will be on hand to take your order (and hard-earned gold) in exchange for tasty comestibles. You’re gonna need fuel to fight the Burning Legion!

  • Azeroth Choppers: See both the Horde and Alliance custom motorcycles created by designer Paul Jr. in all their chrome and steel splendor.
  • Artist Mini-Demos: Watch some of Blizzard’s artists demonstrate their techniques as you traverse the signing line.
  • Gorehowl and Warglaives: Get up close and personal with two real-life creations from the Azeroth Armory: the mighty axe Gorehowl and a fearsome warglaive.


Conspiracy Theory: The Death of King Varian Wrynn

The Alliance and the Horde united by Khadgar, led their mighty forces to the battlefield on the Broken Shore in an effort to stop the Burning Legion invasion and to kill Gul’dan. A second wave of heroes arrived to reinforce Varian and Vol’jin’s forces, but as their armies approached the Tomb of Sargeras — Vol’jin fell to a Felguard.

Sylvanas retrieved the wounded Warchief, and called a retreat. As warhorns blared, the Horde stepped away from the battlefield — leaving the threat from the sky open to attack the Alliance’s forces.

Varian ordered Genn Greymane and Mekkatorque to retreat their forces back to the gunship. Gul’dan summoned a hellish machine of war to fall from the sky with the intention to dunk down the gunship, but Genn Greymane quickly commanded the gunship to move away. Unfortunately, the machine of war reached out into the sky to hold the gunship down.

Varian knew that for as long as the machine held the gunship in place, it could topple it to the ground any second — killing all remaining Alliance forces. Closing his eyes, looking within for an answer, he decided to hand Genn a letter for Anduin; and without second-guessing himself, Varian let go of the ladder and plunged down on the machine of war — destroying it by sinking his sword on the head.

Varian was quickly surrounded and overwhelmed by demons, and bravely fought and slay a few — but eventually two felguard stabbed him through the back.



Gul’dan mocked Varian as he laid on his knees, impaled by two weapons: “You will be known as the King who gave his life for NOTHING!”

Varian responded: “For the Alliance!” His last words were basically that he didn’t die for nothing. He saved the Alliance troops onboard the gunship.

Gul’dan pushed a Fel Orb into Varian’s guts, and the last we saw was a Varian getting bloated up with fel energy and exploding.

That’s the end of Varian. The death of King Varian Wrynn. Or is it?


Legion World Quests – Journey Through Time Set

World Quests in Legion grant a wide variation of rewards such as Artifact Power items, Artifact Relics, Order Resources, Blood of Sargeras (crafting reagent), gold, and gear.

Maybe the Order Missions won’t flood your pockets with gold like the Garrisons used to, but this time around you can make a big chunk of gold having fun yourself, rather than sending followers to do the deed.

Whenever you see an exclamation mark on a purple circle wrapped by a dragon frame, that means it is a rare boss spawn World Quest with a lot of gold as reward. These typically take about 15+ players to defeat. Recently, I posted video of one of them — Levantus.



World Quests are much better than the Mists of Pandaria Daily Quests system, and let’s not forget the Emissary Quests. Complete any 4 world quests for the Highmountain Tribes, for the Kirin Tor, for the Court of Farondis, for the Nightfallen, for the Valarjar, or for the Dreamweavers — and you get a Tribute/lockbox reward. These give you extra loot. Sometimes Blood of Sargeras.



The Kirin Tor World Quests can be found in each zone when those are up, and the emissary lets you choose the reward in Dalaran which is 1500 Reputation with the faction of your choice. The Nightfallen is the exception with about 750 Reputation.



Journey Through Time Set

In some rare instances, you might find awesome World Quests on the map that send you to dungeons, and even Mythic dungeons with a iLevel 830-840 gear reward. In this case, here is the Journey Through Time set which consists of a Necklace (Strand of the Stars) and a Trinket (Chrono Shard) with a set bonus. This set is normally a iLevel 820 loot, but the World Quest boosted it up to 840+ Mythic. The haste and movement speed stats and its potential bonus stats make this set insane good.



GamesCom 2016 – World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1 Return to Karazhan

During the Slootbag livestream from GamesCom, Ion Hazzikostas revealed the new Patch 7.1 Trailer featuring Return to Karazhan.

Return to Karazhan

Blizzard Entertainment plans to launch a World of Warcraft: Legion PTR a few weeks after the new expansion’s launch date where players can preview and test Patch 7.1.

  • Karazhan is coming back as a 5-player dungeon
  • 9 Bosses
  • Opera Event (technically adds 2 more bosses)
  • Old Karazhan will still exist
  • Unannounced small Raid will wrap up the Stormheim storyline
  • More quest content for Suramar, pushing the story of the Nightfallen further


GamesCom 2016 – Blizzard Entertainment Coverage

This was a very strange GamesCom with no Blizzard panels. There was no Sombra (Overwatch) announcement, nor updates for Diablo III expansion or the rumored Diablo IV (Check the rumor).

Blizzard, however, brought in a new format to their GamesCom presence: Twitch Streamers. In the GamesCom schedule, you can see the appearance of various developers during these Stream shows.

The schedule was originally posted at the Blizzard gamescom hub. Below you can watch the VOD where Blizzard Entertainment revealed Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War (new expansion), World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan, and the new Overwatch map: Eichenwald.

Scholastic World of Warcraft: Traveler

The Scholastic World of Warcraft: Traveler by Greg Weisman may be pre-ordered as hardcover or digitally. The book arrives on October 25 (earlier than the original November mark)


world-of-warcraft-traveler-coverAn epic action-adventure series set in Blizzard’s popular World of Warcraft® game franchise. Features a young cast of characters discovering the mysteries and majesty of the world around them. It’s been years since twelve-year-old Aramar Thorne, a clever boy who is never without his precious sketch book, has seen his father. So when Captain Greydon Thorne comes ashore and asks his son to join him at sea, it feels as if someone has redrawn Aram’s entire world. At sea, Aram struggles to get along with the Wavestider’s crew–especially second mate Makasa, a tough teenaged girl who has been reluctantly placed in charge of him. Just as Aram starts to get his head above water, a band of vicious pirates attack the Wavestrider, turning his world upside down once again. As Aram and Makasa try to find their way home, they encounter creatures both terrible and wondrous, and Aram will seek to understand Azeroth’s denizens as he draws them in his sketchbook, forming unlikely friendships along the way. But the journey is hindered by Greydon’s compass, which never points north. If the compass isn’t leading Aram and Makasa home–to safety–to what destiny is it leading?

Print Length: 336 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Publication Date: October 25, 2016


About Author

GREG WEISMAN is an American comic book and animation writer and producer, best known as the creator of Gargoyles and as the Supervising Producer of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Weisman just completed work as writer and producer on the Young Justice animated series. The television series he’s produced have been nominated for a number of Emmy Awards. He’s currently the Executive Producer of Disney’s forthcoming Star Wars: Rebels.

Update: Aug 15, 2016

The front cover was revealed today in Amazon.

Update: Jun 15, 2016

UPDATE – June 15: The World of Warcraft: Traveler pre-orders are now available for Digital Book format too. Don’t get scared away for not owning a Kindle. There are many apps for Android, iOS, internet browser and the Kindle PC app. Great for those who live Overseas, or with no nearby library stores. Or for tree-huggers. =)


Originally posted on Mar 29, 2016

Pre-order World of Warcraft: Traveler by Scholastic, available now in two formats: Hardcover and Kindle. Those unable to get the hardcover overseas may download the Kindle PC (Windows).


Captain Placeholder at Moon Guard Stronghold

Just 19 days away from the release date of World of Warcraft: Legion, a recent beta patch introduced Captain Placeholder all the way at the end of the Moon Guard Stronghold in Suramar.

It’s unknown at this time what that area is intended for, but Captain Placeholder offers a glimmer of a purpose. Some sort of Ring of Blood?

Captain Placeholder: Greetings. I am here to test your strength.

NOTE: The developers have had plans for this spot since early Alpha Test. Back then, while I explored this exact spot (The Lunar Crucible), I would get teleported out a few yards. There is a treasure chest above on the building.


Legion WTF Moments: Hardest-to-Reach Treasure Chest

In Shal’aran, many players are going to acquire eventually the Treasure Map: Suramar from First Arcanist Thalyssra at Honored reputation with the Nightfallen.

Then during their world quests in Suramar City, they will stumble upon a treasure chest inside a house at the Evermoon Commons. But wait, “where is the Treasure Chest? It’s marked in the map as being in this building, but it’s not at plain sight,” — some might think. It’s on the second floor.


Problem is that the stairs leading to the second floor have a locked door. So how in the world can you reach it? I spent probably over an hour jumping from ledge to ledge from the top of the stairs, to no luck. I always fell to the ground.

It didn’t work the way I was attempting, so I tried something that defied reasoning. I jumped on the wall-lamp, and then on the stack of books atop the wall-shelf. From there, I jumped to the top of the cornerstone, and from there to the wall-lamp across the hallway.


The least reasonable option, was indeed the correct one — as seen in the video below. Even now that you know how to reach the treasure chest, it is still going to take you many attempts to get it right. Have fun! You are welcome! =)


Legion WTF Moments # 1

Today I found four amazing things I didn’t expect in World of Warcraft: Legion in the Order Hall followers department, and elsewhere.


During the Paladin Class Order questline, you are sent to Dalaran to talk to a priestess of the moon named Delas Moonfang. A few quests later, she requests to join the Order of the Silver Hand, and as Highlord, you conscript her into the order as one of your Class Hall followers.

Is Blizzard hinting at Night Elf paladins coming the next expansion? Who knows.




Now this one took me by surprise. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around a parasitic shadow demon race being able to be … symbiotic holy angel…




Do you remember the World of Warcraft vanilla Battle of Darrowshire? Guess who is the latest companion in the block? Cute !!! She originally could be a companion ONLY in the Eastern Plaguelands, but now she can hop around in your adventures anywhere you go. It seems Pamela’s Doll is now a Toy in your Collections Tab.




This one is going to be very popular in Dalaran and major cities. Originally a trinket, in Legion the Rainbow Generator is now a Toy in your Collections Tab.