Gatekeeper’s Challenge: Tenacity | Patch 7.3

Vigilant Quoram: My master Archimonde was not known for his willingness to suffer indecision.

He preferred to teach by rewarding frustration with more frustration– punishment with more punishment. Absolute conviction was required to succeed under him.

At the opposite end of the Conservatory you will find a large structure. Once inside, your goal is to overcome all the obstacles placed before you.

Emerge unscathed and I will be forced to consider your will strong enough to proceed.



Overcome the Trial of Tenacity.

Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity


The Longest Vigil | Patch 7.3

Archmage Y’mera: It was a good thing we sought two sources of energy. Even with the conduits active, the construct has not stirred.

It has likely been inactive a long while. Perhaps as long as Mac’Aree has floated above Argus.

What a long, lonely vigil it must have been.

(Y’mera is silent for a moment as she peers at the construct.)

Go ahead and jostle it a little. That combined with one last jolt of magic ought to do the trick.



Wake the Gatekeeper.

The Longest Vigil


Invasive Species | Patch 7.3

Archmage Y’mera: We should seek out an alternate source of energy just in case I am wrong about the conduits.

Luckily enough, I think I know where we can find one.

The panthara native to Argus are solitary creatures, but it seems whatever magic the Wakeners possessed has drawn them in great numbers.

This is no time to be gentle with the environment- panthara devour energy to survive.

Slay them and see if you cannot reclaim some of the power they have consumed.



Collect 30 Partially Digested Arcana.

Invasive Species


Conservation of Magic | Patch 7.3

Archmage Y’mera: I have an idea. This construct will be of use to us. We simply need to jolt it awake.

We once stored great quantities of energy in conduits throughout the Conservatory. They are still functional, but only just.

Take this.

(Y’mera hands you a brightly glowing crystal.)

It will provide a small burst of magic that should help stabilize an erratic conduit. I think I have enough stored for eight or so.

Stabilizing a few should allow us to access the whole network.



Stabilize 8 Erratic Power Conduits.

Conservation of Magic


Not-So-Humble Beginnings | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: Now we may begin our search for the Crown of the Triumvirate. We will start with the fragment Archimonde carried: the Sigil of Awakening.

To the east and north you will find all that remains of the greatest school of magic on Argus. It was there that Archimonde gained his mastery of the arcane. I can think of no other place he would stow his treasures.

It will be guarded, no doubt. We will leverage the expertise of Fareeya’s forces here to follow this trail.



Meet Archmage Y’mera at the Conservatory of the Arcane.

Not-So-Humble Beginnings


The Path Forward | Patch 7.3

(Velen stares beyond the arena for a time.)

Prophet Velen: We must continue on, but I feel Mac’Aree is far from finished with us. We should take advantage of this relative safety while we still can.

I will place a signal beacon that will allow the Vindicaar to lock onto our location. Romuul will send us our means of returning to the Vindicaar if there is a need.



Call down a Lightforged Beacon.

The Path Forward


Consecrating Ground | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: We have everything we need.

Below us you will find the shattered remains of the Arkonite Matrix. Replacing the Keystone will restore it to full capacity.

The pylons you activated will then be able to repel those who still hunt my people. At long last this battle will be over.

I hope it brings them peace.



Repair the Arkonite Matrix beneath Triumvirate’s End.

Consecrating Ground


Khazaduum, First of His Name | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: Once the pylons are activated they will need power.

The Arkonite Matrix that powered this part of Mac’Aree was shattered by one of the Legion’s newest horrors.

He was called Khazaduum and he was a most faithful servant of the Legion. He volunteered to undergo an experimental transformation to become the first of his kind. His arrival was the end of this battle.

As a prize he took the Arkonite Keystone from the shattered matrix. Take it back and we can finally end this bloodshed.



Retrieve the Arkonite Keystone from the Echo of Khazaduum.

Khazaduum, First of His Name


Defenseless and Afraid | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: Mac’Aree remembers the horrors it has endured. We must tread carefully.

This is the battle that raged while I awaited the Genedar. So very many ran to join me. They fled for their lives, but Kil’jaeden inspired still more to stand in their way.

My people were slaughtered without mercy.

To cover our retreat I ordered for this arena’s defenses to be activated. It is clear that they were unable to.

To turn the tide in this battle, to give these spirits rest, we must do what they could not. Find a way to activate the pylons.



Collect Stolen Pylon Cores from enemies in Triumvirate’s End and use them to activate 3 Ancient Pylons.

Defenseless and Afraid


Mac’Aree, Jewel of Argus | Patch 7.3

Prophet Velen: The shattered ruin below us is all that remains of Mac’Aree.

We called it the Jewel of Argus. It was here that my fellows in the triumvirate guided our people to prosperity. That was a long time ago.

(Velen lapses into a moment of silence.)

Join me on the surface. We will begin our search for the Crown of the Triumvirate.



Descend to Mac’Aree with Velen.

Mac'Aree, Jewel of Argus