In Patch 8.3, the Black Empire has assaulted the Emerald Dreamways. First, you talk to the Earthen Guardian by the Port of Zandalar or Tradeswind Market, who informs you that Magni has summoned you to the Chamber of Heart. There, Kalecgos sends you to Ysera’s daughter, Merithra of the Dream, to support her dragonflight with the power to stop the Black Empire from killing more of her brethren.

After you repel the Black Empire’s invasion, Merithra rewards you with the Dreamglow Dragonscale. She appears at the Chamber of Heart to complete the ritual that infuses the Dreamglow Dragonscale’s power into the Heart Forge. This increases the Heart of Azeroth level from 67 to 83, and adds a third Minor slot to the Heart Forge.

Watch the quest videos:

1. Return to the Heart
2. A Fresh Trauma
3. Healing Nordrassil
4. Do it the Azerite Way
5. In Darkness, I Dream
6. Enter the Dreamway
7. Shards of Emerald
8. Null the Void
9. We Must Go Deeper
10. Don't Close Your Eyes
11. Before I Wake
12. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
13. The Long Awake

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